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Have you ever given a thought to the fact on how much stress does your body and your mind endure on a daily basis?

In today’s day and time of fast-paced lives, especially in a city like Dubai and other big cities in the world, Stress seemed to be the most used, overused and abused the word. Alternatively, at least that is what the perception is. However, what is more, worrying is that Stress is not a perception. Stress is for real and is taking its toll on our lives, slowly and silently, much like slow poison

Just take a pause and think of the stressed moments, and you will realize that more often than not, we wake up stressed. We spend our day in stressful conditions, only to go back to bed worrying about the next day.

Have a look at these statistics –

– 1 in 10 people is likely to take anti-depressant medicines.
– Amongst women in their 40s & 50s, that number is 1 in 4.
– 75% adults report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress.
– 80% of the workers feel stress in their jobs
– Fewer than 25% of those with depression worldwide have access to effective treatments

I am not sure if stress can be avoided, but I truly believe that it can surely be dealt better by us. Guiding us on the same is my guest, Life Coach & Craniosacral Therapy Expert – May Britt.

May ensured that our conversation on dealing with stress starts on an absolute de-stressed note. Her way of destressing me was by making me aware that stress can both be negative and positive. While positive stress motivates us and pushes us to challenge our limits (birth of a baby), it is the negative stress that actually takes its toll on the mind and the body. So then, how do we effectively deal with negative stress? Watch the video to know more on this from the expert herself.

One aspect is there for sure – that Stress is less about what the situation does to us, and more about what we do about the situation. It is all about how we deal with the situation and how we react. So take a deep breath, fill in your lungs with oxygen, let there be a gush positive energy in your body and the quaintness of a calm mind; because you can beat stress by saying no to others and saying a yes to yourself. How do you deal with stress? I would love you to share with me.

I sincerely want all my readers/viewers to follow the tips given by May and do write me on how these tips may have benefitted you.

Love and Health,

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