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How To Detox Your Body | 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body

Learn how to detox your body naturally at home in 5 simple ways
An individual must consume at least 2-3 liters of water as a normal routine every day, but increase the water intake during this detox and add another liter to it. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can add flavours to it like lemon, honey or other alkaline substances. When we overeat or overindulge in beverages, our bodies become acidic, and acid creates a number of diseases in the body. Water being alkaline helps to increase the alkaline levels in the body thereby neutralizing the acid levels in the body. So post diwali, while you have acidity or heartburn and bloating, this all-time elixir will help you in eliminating those toxins, flushing out your system and keeping it clean and healthy. Water is a natural lubricant which also keeps constipation at bay and promotes evacuation of the bowels. It helps in excreting all toxins from the body and filters blood. So there are not one, but multiple reasons for which water is an essential component of this detox.
Cut out all refined sugar
No more sugar belly! Since you have already binged on enough sweets this Diwali, this change should not be a difficult one. Foods high in sugar create a sudden spike in blood sugar levels, shoot up your insulin levels and mess with your metabolism, thereby increasing weight. Lowering sugar intake not only promotes weight loss, but also lowers your blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive ability, keeps you more energised and active and also makes your skin healthier.
Add a lot of greens to your diet
As you know, vegetables are rich in vitamins and help in adding nutrition to your diet. They also contain detoxifying properties and are low in fat and high in dietary fibre which aids smooth digestion. Also rich in vitamin K, green leafy vegetables prevent in age related conditions. They improve eye health, boost bone strength, prevent cancer, improve metabolism, improve brain function and most of all, they act as energy boosters! So what else would you need? Just steam them, grill them, add them to your sandwich or make that soup; but make sure you consume them…! I generally begin my day with vegetable juice every day and even you can drink them. For your reference I have shared the link of my previous video where I had shared a few energizing recipes that will kick start your day and lift your mood. Click on the link to check out the vegetable juice recipes
Needless to say, workout will get you in shape, remove toxins from your body, improve blood circulation and cut down the weight you have piled on. Hopping on that treadmill for 30 minutes could seem backbreaking, but its worth all the effort! Apart from physical health benefits, exercise has some serious mental health benefits. It reduces stress, increases confidence, boosts self-esteem and alleviates anxiety. Workouts release endorphins in our body creating feelings of happiness, thereby reducing mental tension. So take a walk, head to the gym, and sweat out! And trust me, its worth all the effort! I’m sharing a few links with you which you can follow for your workout regime

You can also go for a walk if working out is not your thing. All you have to do is 30 minutes of body movement and trust me, you will really start seeing some fantastic results!
Salt baths before you sleep.

A salt bath before sleeping will enhance your mood, improve blood circulation and relax you thoroughly. Having a good night’s sleep is one of the most vital part in keeping you healthy and glowing. Sleep rejuvenates our body and helps in the healing process. So have a soothing salt bath and go to sleep like a baby, and get rid of all the toxins you have stored in your body while overindulging this Diwali.

What did you think of this video? If you want more of these videos where I talk about my life hacks or wellness hacks, do connect with me on my page on Facebook, Instagram or leave your comments in the comments section below. Always eager to hear from you!
Love and Health,

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