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A very popular phrase says ‘Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live’. As much as most of us believe in this, equally true is the fact that we forget take care of our body every time we are outside the comforts of our home. Or if I may put it in other words, at times it is not possible to take adequate measures, especially in matters of personal hygiene. I have no qualms in accepting that am very fastidious about my personal hygiene and hence, I cringe at the thought of using a public restroom. I am sure it’s not just me, but a lot of women who are wary of using public restrooms. Fortunately, here’s help for all women out there; we now have something called as the ‘Safe Seat’.

I happened to catch up with Aquillha, the proprietor of the concept ‘Safe Seat’. Safe Seat is basically a toilet seat sanitizer, that Aquillha claims, kills 99.9% germs within 5 seconds of spraying. Easily available in the local stores, Safe Seat also comes with a strong fragrance that completely changes the atmosphere of the public restrooms at the blink of the eye. Considering that these sanitizers are potable enough to be carried in bags, Safe Seat can also be used for door knobs, flush handles, taps etc. In fact, this sanitizer can be used by men too.

Necessity is the mother of all invention. For Aquillha, it was the need to come up with a potable and effective sanitizer, after she suffered from a severe bout of UTI. And all thanks to her, women now don’t have to panic about using a public restroom anymore. A simple spray, and you can be assured of 99.9% hygiene.

So the next time, you have to especially use a public restroom, take up matters in your own hands, ensure your own personal hygiene, and always have a Safe Seat.

Would love to know more from you what measures you take for safe surroundings. Your tips could be helpful to me and others in so many ways.

Tons of love,

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