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How To Love Yourself This Valentines Day

Hello! my Tribe,

Wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day.

Its that time of the year, when everybody is focusing on gifting, building relationships, spending quality time with their partners and in short, loving their better halves. But today i’m going to discuss with you something that’s more important than loving your partner! And that is, loving yourself!!!

Well, think about it, can you honestly say that you love yourself? If you are having a hard time being happy with yourself and are always focusing on the flaws or if you are constantly thinking of what others think about you, then you need to stop right now! And what you need to do instead is to fall in love with yourself! Because the best relationship is the one you have with yourself! So this valentine’s let’s skip the partners and let’s look at the ways through which you can start loving yourself!

1. Wake up every morning being grateful and meditate
As soon as you wake up in the morning, just look around you. I’m sure you will find one thing in the room that makes you feel a swell of gratitude. It could be your partner sleeping beside you, the sound of your child breathing peacefully or a framed photo of you and your best friend! If you begin your morning on a positive note, you will carry this feeling through the rest of your day which will eventually help you maintain good vibes. You’ll feel much more excited and motivated to hop out of bed and conquer each day.

2. Compliment yourself
This is something I personally do every day! Every morning I wake up and while brushing my teeth in front of the mirror, I think about at least 10 things I love about myself! Complimenting oneself is a beautiful way to experience self-love! This will help in boosting your confidence and will motivate you to take care of yourself.

3. Add “You” in your to do list
The biggest priority in your life should be you! Nobody and nothing else deserves to be more important than you! Have time for yourself like a meeting in your to do list . Spend one hour with yourself, either walking, sitting, introspecting, working out or things that you would do just with yourself without feeling guilty.

4. Get rid of negative influences from your life
Don’t believe everything people say. People may think you are arrogant , snooty , dumb, smart etc etc. But you need to introspect and find an answer for yourself. You need to know who you really are!

5. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made
Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes once in a while. Making mistakes is not wrong, its human nature. So just forgive yourselves for your mistakes. Realise that it is mistakes that help you learn and grow. So be at peace with making mistakes and let that guilt go away!

Remember, you are like a cup of your favourite beverage. It is you who needs to fill it up and let it overflow—so if you love yourself so much, the love will eventually multiply and then you will have so much more to give everyone. When you are filled with self love, you receive love from everyone around you.

Hope this video evokes a lot of self love in you! How are you celebrating your valentine Day?

Love and health.


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