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Parenting is no child’s play. Being a mother myself, I know how challenging it can be to nurture a child and provide him the best possible upbringing. From the time a child is born till the time he reaches adulthood, there are constant changes that take place in his personality; and as parents, we play the most significant role in bringing about those changes and shaping them as they grow. This definitely evokes a sense of responsibility in us with regards to the values inculcated in them, the emotional upheavals they experience, the behaviour they exhibit towards people and society, the people they become in their adulthood and most importantly, the happiness quotient that exists in their lives. As a result, most of the parents feel anxious when it comes to parenting—unsure whether their approach in bringing up their child is the right one or not?
This is a question that I have been receiving from people since quite some time. A lot of people have been sending their queries to me asking me about parenting and the problems they face while bringing up their children. I completely empathise with them as I myself am a mother! Even I have experienced the anxiousness and the sense of responsibility of being a parent and I think it is very important for us to know what right upbringing means! Thus, to have a better understanding about the process of handling kids and to also have a helpful segment on parenting for my viewers, I thought of having a discussion on parenting with one of the most experienced counsellors in Dubai, Dr. Sarah Rasmi (, Family Psychologist and Parenting Expert at Play: Date, Professor at United Arab Emirates University, and a widely published author and international speaker.
When I spoke with Dr. Sarah, she told me how significant it is to first talk to our partners about the values we intend to inculcate in our children and be on the same page before we actually start teaching them. She also highlighted a very important point wherein she said that most parents are clueless about how essential it is to say ‘NO’ to their children. If we always say yes to our children, it becomes difficult for them to face a ‘No’ in the outside world in the future; and that is indeed a very valid point! She further went on to discuss with me the nuances of parenting and answered many questions such as what does it mean to have a good upbringing, what values do we need to inculcate in our children, the role of modern-day technology in their life, how do we make them value relationships, and so on and so forth. To know more about my conversation with Dr. Sara, watch the video…

In my opinion, parenting is a never-ending process of learning. There is no right or wrong way of parenting. It is a path where one is constantly learning. So enjoy walking on this path while you learn something new each day. Do write to me – what lessons are you learning while bringing up your children?

Love and Health,

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