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What is the most daunting task that most of us face at the beginning of a New Year? Is it keeping track of the changed calendar dates? Is it ensuring that you have extended your wishes to one and all? Or is it keeping up with the New Year Resolutions? Well no prizes for guessing the answer and no sense of pride in accepting the fault as well. We all make New Year Resolutions and most of us often lose our resolutions faster than we had made them. To be honest, I am no different. Although I must admit that my success ratio with my New Year resolutions has been fairly good, but then at times even I have failed to keep up with my own goals.

What goes behind making of an effective resolution? How can one set realistic goals that we can stick to and thus effectively see the difference in ourselves? Helping me resolve (no pun intended) the most daunting task of a new year is Holistic Life Coach Emma Thomson.

According to Emma, we often make the mistake of making resolutions that are not necessarily inherent to our personality and our needs; rather they are born out of the peer pressure of everybody having a resolution – and that is a perfect recipe for a failed resolution. Be it losing weight, leading a healthy lifestyle, bringing about dietary changes, taking up a hobby, adopting a new fitness regime or any other aspect, Emma says, that its extremely important to feel the need for the resolution that we make. For that, we must have an internal chat; realize our needs, our potential and most importantly the drive within to see the difference within ourselves.

I have always believed that a resolution needs to be one which helps us grow. This growth should be in terms of body, mind and soul. Now this might sound very heavy duty, but the fact of the matter is that even a simple resolution like choosing to have maximum fun, living in the moment, and not overthinking is also good enough to nurture and nourish our mind, body and soul. Believe me, that is my New Year Resolution for 2017 – to have loads of fun.

So what’s your New Year Resolution? Just before you make one, maybe you should take a few tips from Emma in the video.

Whatever is your New Year Resolution, don’t dream about it, start working towards it now. The following affirmations will surely help you in making your resolutions more effective.
1. Every day in every way, my body is becoming healthier through my guided health practices.
2. I vividly visualize the attainment of my goals and then I move into action
3. All my actions are aimed at attaining success in all areas of my life, beyond any perceived limitations
4. My past has no power over the fabulous future I create today.
5. I am the sum total of my thinking and therefore I shall only think those thoughts that bring peace and harmony into my life
6. I love myself and I chose to live in complete balance

With those affirmations in mind, it is just a beginning. New Year or any other time, a good time to bring about a change is exactly when you really want to bring about the change. Write in to me how you manage to stick to your New Year resolutions.

Love & Health,

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