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How To Survive A Party ? Healthy Tips for Surviving a Party!

How to survive a party with Uma. Some very simple tips for you to party like a pro.
New year parties are the highlight of winter festivities but these seasonal extravaganzas can be stressful and exhausting. They are known for over-indulgence and going overboard. But it’s possible to come out relatively unscathed with a few simple tips I’ll give you today to survive parties. So get on to the health and wellness bandwagon with me and party like a pro this new year!

Sleep more
Having a power nap before hitting the party can keep you in good mood, make you feel energised and give you that amazing glow that you need for the party! It also increases your metabolism and keeps your system in place.

Add some exercise to prepare your body
Let’s face it! Parties mean a few more calories than usual. Overindugence on a day you dont exercise is not a very good idea. So be sure to sweat it out before you get going! You can do some strength training to pump up those muscles. This will help your body to handle the carbs and sugar better!

Eat before you hit the party
Eat a light meal before you arrive at a party. If you go to the party with a rumbling stomach, you’ll head up straight to the food section and end up eating mindlessly. So eat a well-balanced meal or a filling snack about 30 minutes before you go. If you are heading to theparty directly from work, a dried fruit or a grain muesli bar is good to satiate your hunger before you really pile on to those calories.

Drink smartly—Go easy
When at a party drink smartly if you do! Remember, cocktails are not your best friends!They have way more calories than wine or other beverages. From wines to cocktails calories can be anywhere between 80 to 350. So keep a check on how many calories are there in your favourite drink and be more mindful before indulging in them. Make sure you sip water in between and stay hydrated. Drinking water helps you feel fuller, which can help prevent overeating. It will help calm your cravings and you will have less room and time to drink caloric alcoholic or sugar-filled beverages at the party! Not to mention your brain and body need water to function properly, and the zinger here is that it’s ZERO calories!

Eat smartly at the party
There are scores of dishes at a party and you can eat anything but opt for wiser options. I generally go for grilled vegetables . If i want to indulge in the desert i make sure i don’t have too much main course. Try to choose more grills and protein options and you will stay safe!

Stay positive
Walk into a party with a positive attitude and radiate positive energy by smiling more. Most importantly, go with an intention of having fun. This will help you stay positive and have a great time. When you are positive, the energy around you becomes positive too!

Compliment more
Complimenting others is a great thing to do. Appreciating people for their outfits and how beautiful they look make you more sociable and also get you some compliments in return. This will help you feel positive and confident about yourself and create a lively environment in the party for yourself and others. Always be more interested and ask questions to those you meet about their family, their children, their work. Talk about their hobbies or what
activity they did recently. This will strike conversations and put you and others into a great mood.

Drink lots of water before you hit the sack
After the party, consume a lot of water and only then hit the sack. This will help eliminate all the toxins and keep that head from hurting early in the morning. Also when you wake up, make sure you drink at least 2 big glasses of water. Staying hydrated before, during and after the party is key! So don’t forget to stay hydrated during parties, and also otherwise.

So these were the simple tips i use to survive a party. You can share with me what are your best tips for surviving the party season and come back to me with your feedback. Have a great new year and gorge on those sumptuous foods you like and spoil yourself….. but wisely!

Do write to me on facebook, instagram and theumashowblog. And dont forget to subscribe to my channel. Ill see you next week with more videos and some cool tips and tricks that you will have fun watching! What are your healthi tips to survive a party? Share with me,always waiting to connect.

Love and Health

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