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How To Travel Smart

Travel farther and travel often. That is something that I have always believed in. Because

travelling is the only way to explore – at times the world, at others your soul. With the holiday

season around the corner, it made sense if I could lend a helping hand to your travel plans.

I always plan my holidays in advance. It not only helps you plan better, but an organized

approach always adds to your indulgence in an unexplored country. Something that Mr. Ahmed

M. Soliman, Managing Director of TCA of group of companies, also agrees to. In fact, Mr.

Ahmed takes it a step further by adding that holiday should be different for families, for couples

and for singles.

More often than not when you travel with your family, the priority is your children because it is

that joy on their face that gives you the sense of accomplishment. Thus one should choose

destinations for a family holiday that are high on activities involving children. A preferable

choice could be somewhere within 3-4 hours of flying distance and one that also has stringent

security measures. Mr. Ahmed suggests that the Islands of Indian Ocean, North Africa, Oman,

Turkey are all great places to indulge in if you have to plan to holiday with your family.

The criteria however differs a little when it comes to couples planning an escape. Firstly, couples

need to decide if they want to have a Break the Bank kind of holiday or one which within the

budget. Also, if I can safely assume that couples would want an added tinge of adventure & more

of exploration, a 5-8 hours of flying distance should be good to take them to their havens. That

would get Europe within striking distance, and countries like Spain, Italy, Greece give the

perfect concoction of adventure, leisure, culinary and natural beauty of the land. Mr. Ahmed also

advises on places like Phuket & Bali, which are great holiday destinations for both couples and


Talking of singles planning a holiday, there probably cannot be better a destination than South

and South East Asia. Countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia are exactly what would soothe

your soul when you are out to explore the unexplored.

And just when I was losing myself in planning my next trip, Mr. Ahmed rightly reminded me of

the Travel Check List that every traveler must not forget. So please ensure that your passport has

enough validity, be aware of the Visa regulations of the country you are visiting, don’t blindly

jump into a last minute deal breaker, keep embassy contacts handy and of course, take care of

your luggage.

I truly believe that travel is the only thing you buy, that makes your life richer. So now, with

these travel tips, am also set to plan my next holiday. Would love to know where you are

planning to travel this summer?

Tons of love


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