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With the advent of the digital age, social media has emerged as a huge platform for online businesses across the world. From multinational companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon to small locally owned businesses and start-ups, everyone around the corner is using social media as a platform to identify their target audience and reach potential customers. A well-planned strategy of social media can expand businesses by improving credibility, strengthening customer relationships and most importantly, brand building. With no geographical boundaries between the consumer and the businessmen, social media has become the meeting point of today’s internet savvy space. Without any third party intervention, social media provides a direct access to clients and opens possibilities beyond imagination. It is the only media which is cost friendly for advertising and has the potential to target relevant customers.
To note a few facts, the surveys according to Hubspot shows that 90% of the marketers claimed that social media marketing was significant for their business; but according to Social Media Examiner, 85% of participants were clueless about the social media tools to be used for marketing. So although social media has made its place in the marketing world as one of the most effective mediums of marketing, most entrepreneurs are still not sure about how to use this medium to the fullest to produce desired results.
As I myself was quite intrigued to know what exactly social media marketing is all about and how to use it in the most effective way, I decided to speak with the queen of Social Media Marketing in Dubai, Namita Ramani, Digital Strategist, Lead Generation Expert and CEO of Above Digital (
When she came on the show, she gave me some wonderful tips on how different businesses can use social media to drive customers to their websites and increase business, and how start-ups can use social media as an effective method to promote their business and grow with it. She also spoke about how to target the right customers, how to identify the appropriate social media tools and how to use them. To know more tips and tricks of social media marketing, watch my video with Namita Ramani…

The best aspect of social media is its approach which is friendly and humanizing, which enables the customer to directly interact with the brand. Moreover, it also allows the customers to give their valuable feedback, which is generally the backbone for any business to flourish. The more one would know the pitfalls in their business, the more scope one has to improve it and make it better. If the customer is happy, there is always a chance of them spreading the news on all their respective social networks. So, use this platform in the best possible way for your business. Do share with me and all the readers your tips on how you have made use of social media marketing to your benefit.

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