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Being the gadget enthusiast that I am, one word that has caught my attention since quite some time now is OLED. I have always believed that any innovation is nothing short of magic, so how could I not experience this magic? Honestly, first it was the word, and then it was the television that left me speechless with its stunning aesthetic and visual appeal. I mean who could imagine one of the world’s best and the best-looking television…at the width of 4 credit cards!!!

So what is OLED TV? How is it different from anything else that we have? How has OLED TV practically managed to blur the lines between the real and the virtual? Being the curious cat that I am, I started hunting for my answers, and who better to guide me than the pioneers of the OLED Tv technology – LG. I met up with an LG expert and here is the knowledge that I gained.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. In simpler words, this technology is so responsive that each single pixel of the television can emit a different color and also turn an individual pixel On or Off, which in turns results in deeper blacks and better contrasts, making your pictures seem life like.

Now that is about the technical aspect. In a lay man’s language, there is no better viewing experience that an OLED TV, including 4K TVs or UHD TVs. Believe me; LG is right at the forefront of the OLED TV technology. In fact, I am told that LG is the only company that manufactures OLEDs that support HDR-10 and Dolby Vision.

If you thought LG OLED TV sets are all about life like visuals, then LG is changing the game in the aesthetic aspect too. With razor thin width of merely 2.7mm, LG OLED TVs are not just amongst the thinnest but also amongst the best-looking televisions in the market today. No wonder then, The LG Signature Collection has already bagged 28 design awards this year.

Gone are the days when Television sets would look and feel and sound like an idiot box. Now is the generation of Smart TVs which are not mere electronics and appliances, but an extension of your choice and personality. Taking the game a notch higher are the LG OLED TVs that have converted the otherwise mundane screens to a work of art. Moreover, being a television professional, it is technologies like these that really excite me. As a producer myself, I make sure we focus on the quality of what I produce and when a TV set can deliver the same quality, my job feels more fulfilling. Besides, I know I am reaching out with my best to everyone’s living rooms. The video below will help you understand much better.


Have you experienced the magic of OLED TV? Alternatively, do have something interesting to share about the latest evolutions in the visual technology sphere. Do write into me and enlighten both me and my audience.

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