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I have always been a staunch advocate of healthy eating, as I truly believe and live by the fact that a healthy outside starts from the inside. Being fit and eating healthy is not a fad or a trend, it is a way of life. Therefore, in my efforts to better my own way of life, as also try and contribute the same to my viewers, I am trying to understand the role of Sugars or Carbohydrates in our lives and helping me with this complicated subject is Nutritionist Caroline Grundy.

Although we are going to be discussing sugars, I am not going to sugar coat my words. I had once read that Sugar is eight times as addictive as any drug and it this sugar that we are constantly subjecting our body to. Right from our breakfast, to the fruit juices, to complete meals, we consume more sugar than what we can imagine.

Putting things into perspective, Caroline told me that a maximum of 10-12 teaspoons of sugar consumption can be considered permissible daily. Mind you; this does not necessarily mean table sugar, rather 10-12 teaspoons include all the carbohydrate content including, juices, bread, cereals et al.

Similarly, you can keep a check on the carbohydrate consumption from processed food by checking the nutrition chart of the food items that you buy, and mind you, anything above 22.5 gms of sugar per 100 gram is considered very high levels of sugar. However, what was more alarming was the fact that even food items otherwise considered healthy, like Muesli or Breakfast Cereals, contain about 38-40 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Clearly, we are living on the wrong kind of food, and our understanding of healthy diet is also clouded. What bothers me more is the fact that we also serve these high sugar foods to our children. It is ironical that something which is considered 6 times as addictive as cocaine is now used as comfort food and used as a reward for good behaviors.

Do watch the complete video to get a better understanding of sugars and carbohydrates and don’t just eat anything and everything. Eat, by knowing your sugar and don’t ask why healthy food is so expensive, rather question why fast food is so cheap.

I hope my chat with Caroline has been of some benefit to you and will help you understand labels on the food packets better. Do share your input on this with me. Any valuable advice from you will be put to good use not only by me, but everyone who reads and watches this.

Love and Health,

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