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As a working mother, I cannot stress enough on how fundamental and useful it is to multitask. You are on the phone helping your child find his missing things while driving to work; you are cooking up dinner while taking an important business phone call – the list goes on and on.

I know firsthand how hectic and busy life can be, and that is why I am more than thrilled to be introducing LG’s Twin Washing Machine in this segment. You may recall that I spoke about this innovation in the last season, but I am here today with two people who will give you a better and more thorough review based on experience.

Meet Juhi Malhotra Bhojwani, an interior designer, and her husband Rushi, a banker and a boutique owner. Nine months ago, their life turned around when they had their first adorable baby Rhiyan, and that is when they knew they should make a few changes around the house.

As anyone will tell you, being a working mother with a baby to take care of is far from being easy, and Juhi herself found that she now has to take care of her baby while juggling so many other things on the side.

Both Rushi and Juhi knew they did not want a traditional washing machine, so they did some research, and could hardly believe something as perfect as the LG twin machine was on the market. From its name alone, you can tell that it is really the ultimate laundry system. The LG Twin machine allows you to divide and conquer by washing two loads of laundry at the same time. It comes with a brand new ergonomic design, with an easy detergent and softener refill, and a mini washer tucked underneath.

It has more features than I can possibly put in this blog post, but let me tell you about my favorite one: the turbo wash feature. With the press of a button, you can speed up the cycling process and save up to thirty minutes on any cycle, making it ideal for anyone with a busy schedule or a baby to take care of. LG’s twin wash also has a stain capability feature to remove stains like blood and dirt, allowing for whiter whites and brighter colors.

Juhi knew early on that her baby’s clothes need special care due to his sensitive skin, so she would spend much time washing Rhiyan’s clothes separately. However, with her new LG twin wash, she now saves so much time by simultaneously washing both their laundry and more importantly, she saves resources and consumes less energy.

Moreover, if that is not enough, the twin wash can also be linked to an app that you download on your phone, so you can easily control and monitor your washing machine anytime, anywhere. That is right; you can now easily turn your machine on and off wherever you are. Watch the video to know all that I am talking about.

So what are you waiting for? Be the ultimate multitasker with this brilliant innovation that will surely make your life easier and save you more time. I know myself that I can never imagine using anything else. Have you used the twin machine? Would love to know about your experience.

Love and Health,

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