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Lift Your Mood

I have been strength training for many years now as result of that my body had become quite stiff before I started doing Yoga on and off, when ever I am in a class I am hugely impressed by people who are so flexible on the mat, its very inspiring but also at times a bit intimidating, and I know Many people are reluctant to go to studios to try out yoga as a beginner for the same reason, But once you start doing yoga regularly, you realize that yoga is not about having a perfect body or reaching till your toes, its about the journey while going down, it is about having a serene soul and calm mind.

Lift your mood
Yoga – often associated for losing weight, yes that’s true it does help you reduce the extra fat if its done regularly for a long period of time, but the main focus to do yoga is to cleanse your thoughts and make your mind and soul peaceful, to make you enjoy the present moment, To all my lovely readers, I want to tell you, don’t be intimidated by not being perfect on anything – just start to feel accomplished within you, that’s the whole point. As you all, love my workout videos, here I am back again with something more for you , as I am trying Hatha Yoga for the first time. We are here at 136.1 Yoga studio to connect with peace and serenity.
Its not your history but presence on the mat that matters…


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