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Soaring temperatures, unbearable heat, high humidity, and the resulting sweat leading to loss of vital salts and water content of the body!!! Well, it is summertime in Dubai, and almost everybody is feeling the heat. The one definitive way that we can beat the heat is a bottle of water.

With over 2 million residents, UAE is the 3rd largest water consumer in the world, only after the USA and Canada. Being an avid health enthusiast, I always ensure that I am consuming at least 10 glasses of water a day, and maybe even more in the summers. ‘Water’ is everybody’s lifeline;
An essentially irreplaceable necessity and requirement in our lives. To get into the depth of what efforts, process, and technology goes into the bottled drinking water that we consume, I decided to visit the bottling plant of Mai Dubai in Yalayas. I personally find the brand name extremely intriguing. Mai stands for water in Arabic. So then Mai Dubai literally stands for The Water of Dubai. In the words of the CEO of Mai Dubai, Jay Andres, just like the city of Dubai, Mai Dubai stands for world class quality.

Well, I must admit that this was my first visit to a bottling plant. As excited as I was to see a drinking water bottling plant, I was equally interested in knowing as to what sets Mai Dubai apart from the other bottled water brands. Watch the video and experience it with me…

Yes, I was amazed at the best global practices and world class sterilization standards being maintained at the plant; but the health freak inside was itching to know if Mai Dubai has any health benefits too. Of course, it does. It has extremely low sodium content and is high in minerals like calcium and magnesium, thus not just rehydrating your body but also replenishing it with minerals.

No wonder then, Mai Dubai has a galore of accolades to its credit. In 2015 & 2016, Mai Dubai won the Best Factory Award in Food Safety by Dubai Municipality, with the highest A-Grade rating. Not just that, The US magazine ‘Beverage World’ also gave Mai Dubai a bronze award in the water category. Since April 2015, it has also become the preferred bottled drinking water for all passengers on Emirates Airlines. That is a testimony to the high level of standards that Mai Dubai has maintained.

So the next time, you pick up a bottle of water to quench your thirst, ensure that you are not merely rehydrating, but also replenishing your body too. Always eager to know your thoughts and views…

Love and Health,

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