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My Armenia Travel Stories – Part 2 | Armenia Tour Video

Hello! My Tribe,
Armenia video part -2 All about Armenia
Welcome back , I hope you enjoyed my episode 1 of my trip to Armenia.

Hello! My Tribe,

Welcome back , I hope you enjoyed my episode 1 of my trip to Armenia.
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I reached the wings of Tatev at 4 o clock after a 3 hours drive took me from Jermuk to wings of tatev. Wings of Tatev is the aerial tramway to Tatev monastery. It’s the shortest and most impressive route to Tatev Monastery and the longest reversible cableway in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. I had a typical Armenian lunch at Wings of Tatev which included Armenian tea, plate full of herbs and salads, plate filed with purple basil green basil, grilled potatoes and the traditional bread of Armenia called lavash. The whole way from wings of tatev to tatev monastery took us about 12 minutes, which I spent enjoying landscapes, valleys, and the beautiful view from the top. The cable car then dropped me at a beautiful spot, from where I was taken by a local Armenian driver in an old 4WD of soviet vintage 1959 to a spot where I could get an ariel view of the Tatev monastery. Tatev Monastery is the architectural pearl of medieval Armenia.
The name of the monastery has become a cause of many legends. According to one of those legends when the architect was about to finish his work and was putting the last stone on the dome of the church, he asked Lord to give him wings – “Ta TeV” meaning “give wings,” so that he can fly high into the sky and see the wonder he had created from the far. God listened to the prayer of the talented architect by giving him wings to see his creation.
I had a mesmerizing and peaceful experience at the Tatev monastery. The place was rich with history, culture and serenity. Having experienced the beauty of the place, we then took the cable car again and drove down back to the hotel. That night we shifted to hotel Hyatt Place Jermuk. Hyatt Place Jermuk is conveniently located in the center of Jermuk and is famous for its accessibility and its provision of a wealth of enriching individual experiences to both business and leisure travellers alike. I was living in a suite. The bright, air-conditioned rooms with warm-colored interiors and modern décor were a true delight. My room featured a separate bedroom and living area, including one king Hyatt Grand Bed and our Cozy Corner with sofa and a mountain view. I had a peaceful sleep in this comfortable place and the next day, woke up fresh and energized.
I quickly got ready, went to the café and ate a healthy and nice breakfast, and then I started for garni temple via Yerevan. This is the only pagan temple left in Armenia which has not been turned into a church. A 3-and-a-half-hour drive took me to garni temple. All the way, I went clicking pictures and taking halts at many spots. I then went into the restaurant overlooking garni temple where I had some yummy Aubergine, potatoes and grilled fish. The Temple dates to 77 AD and is a bright example of the developed culture and beliefs of the locals. Armenians had eight Pagan Gods and Goddesses at the time which were equal in numbers; 4 male and 4 female.
The Temple of Garni was dedicated to the male God of Sun, Mithra or Mihr, as locals call him. He was responsible for sun, light, and justice. The water near garni temple was refreshing; I noticed little spring water taps all over this country that had fresh water located at short distances. The water in Armenia is known for its special therapeutic quality which really quenches the thirst and energises you!
The next day it was time for spa and I went to a wine and grapes spa. In the Wine and Grapes spa, I met the owners, a couple who started this concept and they copywrited it. They grow their own organic red and white grapes. They have done an intensive research on the benefits of grapes on our skin and overall wellbeing.

Five days in Armenia were definitely not enough to soak in its beauty and enjoy it thoroughly, but it was time for me to get back to Dubai , on the way back , sitting in my comfortable seat in air Arabia flight, I realized that the history of Armenia had seeped into me, and I was a more empowered and zealous me after exploring this wonderful hidden gem of the world – Armenia.

As Seneca has aptly said,

Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.
A huge thanks to air Arabia, Air Arabia holidays and tourism board of Armenia for this fabulous trip
Love and Health


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