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My Visit To Verba Mayr Wellness Spa in Moscow

Hello! My Tribe,

A sprawling metropolis of well over 15 million people and the capital of the world’s biggest country, the city of Moscow in Russia was on my bucket list for the longest time. Moscow is one of those destinations that always gave me the impression of must-see. From world-class architecture to a wealth of history and culture, this city is one that every fervent traveller wants to visit in their lifetime. Moscow is rich in history for its Soviet past, while also boasts of European living. Parts of the city will have you travelling back in time, whilst on the other hand, with sports, theatres, shopping, and historical monuments, you’ll have no time to be bored! Interestingly, in the late 1230’s, 1571 and 1812, the city of Moscow was burned to the ground. So you can say, that it’s the city that’s risen like a phoenix from the ashes! And that’s one fact about Moscow that got me really interested to visit this city, when airarabia and air Arabia holidays my travel partner, chose this city as my next travel destination. I was thrilled

So I started my journey from Sharjah airport… Air Arabia and its services(haven’t written coz already written before). Once I landed on the Moscow airport, Air Arabia team at Moscow was there to receive me with a big welcome board and their warm hospitality. From airport we started for Verba Mayr, which is a wellness spa resort located in the suburbs of Moscow. It generally takes one and a half hour to reach Verba Mayr from the airport, but since we met with traffic on our way, we took two hours to reach the resort. While we were on our way to Verba Mayr.

Asi said earlier Russia was on my bucket list for the longest time and it was a place that had always intrigued me with its rich history, its beautiful, landmarks and most importantly, its gorgeous delicate yet strong women. I once had a pen friend from Moscow, who would send me pictures and details about Moscow, and since then I have always been curious as well as excited to visit Moscow. Traveling has always been one of my major passions in life! I feel traveling is education. It opens the doors to your mind and heart and makes you a better person with every experience that comes your way. There is a lot in this world to explore and traveling helps you look at the bigger picture. Ever since I remember, I love to travel. It’s something I want to keep doing until the end and I am never bored of it. Thanks to Air Arabia I was getting this wonderful opportunity to travel. Watching the roads and taking in the feel of the city throughout the drive, I finally reached Verba Mayr.

The next day, I woke up at Verba Mayr. The health center is located in a picturesque forest zone 30 km along the Yaroslavl highway. Verba Mayr offers its guests a rejuvenation and detox program based on the well-known methods of the prominent Austrian physician Franz Xavier Mayr (1875-1965). Dr. F.X. Mayr found that long-term health stems from a healthy gut. The Mayr doctors expanded the principles of Dr. F.X Mayr to create Modern Mayr Medicine and opened up clinics with holistic treatments, fresh air, and mineral-rich waters to ensure exceptional health for guests.

I woke up and had a lovely breakfast which consisted of Bukhwheat porridge, almond milk, buckwheat bread, and avocado spread. Moscow in October gets really cold and rainy, which was something I didn’t know about, so for some respite, I went to the tea lounge to have a hot cup of tea. The tea lounge was beautiful, surrounded by lush green trees and manicured lawns. So, as I sipped my tea, I felt calm looking around the greenery.

Watch the full video to experience it all with me.

Love and Health

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