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Natural Facelift with Sculptural Facelift Technique

Do you exercise your face the same way you exercise your body?

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Our face contains over 40 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. So we need to do facial workouts regularly. And that’s exactly what the procedure of sculptural face lifting does.
It’s fitness for the facial muscles, which are very hard to train in any other way. ‪through this method, we restore the clear edges of the face as well as diminishing pouches under the eyes and sagging skin. We are essentially causing micro trauma to the skin by the repetition of the movements, enhancing the blood flow to the surface of the skin, and nourishing the cells in order to jumpstart the production of collagen and elastin.‬‬

The procedure of Sculptural Face Lifting has revolutionized the traditional approach to beauty in the industry which is dominated by invasive techniques, plastic surgeries, fillers and the use of various toxic substances to delay the ageing process. Being a pioneer in the field of modern holistic beauty, it proved its effectiveness and has shown time and time again that there is a way to beauty without pain. This treatment gives the prolonged effects of natural face, neck and décolleté lifting without side effects and the risks of complications. Sculptural Face Lifting propels the internal resources of the body for the natural rejuvenation and recovery. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, normalizes cellular respiration, activates metabolism and tissue nourishment. The secret of the success of the technique lies in the deep study of the basic facial and masticatory muscles of the face simultaneously – from the outside through the skin and through the oral cavity from the inside.

As a result, muscle tone and elasticity are restored. Muscles tighten and skin becomes smooth, returning the face to its natural shape. Overall, Sculptural Face Lifting technique produces such positive results:
• facial muscles relax and muscle tone returns to normal;
• helps muscle recovery, restores elasticity, tightens and smoothes the skin by restoring the oval of the face;
• eliminates spasms and blockages;
• enables metabolism and tissue nourishment;
• appearance and elasticity of the skin improve via stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.

Additionally to tightening and strengthening of the face, the procedure normalizes the client’s psycho-emotional state including the chronic fatigue syndrome. The inner blocks and clamps are removed, stress and anxiety melt away.

During the session, an osteopathic effect is achieved – tissue tension decrease, muscle spasms and pain are removed. The face “opens’ and begins to “breath”.

Two complementary techniques are examined and worked out in details – Sculptural and Intraoral parts:

• Sculptural technique – this first part includes thorough skillful facial manipulations. Muscle sculpting is achieved by kneading the whole face, neck and décolletage area superficially.
• An intraoral technique that follows after effects mimic and chewing muscles along the entire length from point to point of muscle’s attachment simultaneously from the outer and inner sides through the oral cavity, and also, indirectly, the facial bones of the skull. In-depth massage results in face rectification, restoring the shape and improving oedema. It strengthens and tones the areas of the muscles which are inaccessible during the external massage. This part is performed by the practitioner wearing sterile gloves inside the oral cavity.

This massage is a highly specialized treatment –.by massaging the fascia inside and outside the mouth, the treatment increases blood and oxygen supply and collagen production. It also releases muscle tension that may lead to deep wrinkles or expression lines. “We have the most stress in the jawline,” “When we’re angry or have negative emotions, we have the most stress there. The earth’s gravity pulls everything down to there.”

1. Facelift without surgery

2. Rejuvenation without injection therapy

3. Passive Fitness for the Face

4. Anti-Stress Effect

5. Deep Relaxation of Facial Muscle

6. Lymphatic Drainage and Detox

7. Therapeutic Effect

8. Light Osteopathic Effect

9. Quality of Skin

10. Improved Facial Posture

Try Sculptural facelift method and you will be hooked

Love and Health


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