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When did you last buy something organic for your kitchen? And where did you buy it from? Did you buy it from a big supermarket? Could you easily locate organic produce for the overall health of your family? Most importantly, are you sure that the produce you just bought is actually organic? And how organic is organic?

These are some of the queries that often cross everybody’s mind who is conscious of what they eat, and want to go the organic way. With my preference of organic produce in my kitchen, I must admit that laying my hands over real organic produce has not been easy. On days that am lucky, I get them over the counter…and on other days, I have to really scout for organic produce that I can totally rely on. I also have a small kitchen garden where I grow my own herbs and a few veggies. But having said that, it looks like today onwards I can put an end to this huge dilemma once and forever; because today, I have the Miracle Woman Elena Kinane with me. Yes, I call her the miracle woman because Elena has managed to build a green belt of organic produce, right in the middle of a scorching dessert.

What started as hobby from her balcony, has now transformed into a full-fledged organic farm. From juicy cucumbers, to the most authentic form of carrots, and from the rarest and freshest herbs to dairy and poultry products…Greenheart Organic Farms have more than 125 different kinds of organic produce…ranging across Vegetables, Herbs, Dairy and Poultry Products. But what really impressed me is her vast knowledge on this and the extreme labour that Elena puts into each and every of her produce. Right from sourcing genuine heirloom seeds, to soil building and harvesting fresh produce every morning, Elena ensures that each and every produce from Greenheart Organic Farms is not just organic but also brimming with the right nutrients. It was indeed a pleasure to chat with Elena, who is not just a determined entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur with a purpose – the purpose of healthy living for UAE. Watch the full interview and learn more about organic produce.

So the next time you want organic produce for your kitchen, don’t waste your time in a shopping mall… is the place to be for the right kind of nutrition and great health of your family. Always looking forward to your valuable inputs…

Love and Health,

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