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The holy month of Ramadan begins today, and I must admit it is amongst my favorite times of the year. The whole city of Dubai engulfs itself with tranquility, harmony, calm and spirituality. It is that time of the year which comes with the opportunity for everyone to connect with their inner conscience and with the Almighty.

Another reason I always look forward to the month of Ramadan is, of course, experimenting with cuisines. It does not take much time for fasting to turn into feasting…however, Ramadan is definitely not the time for the same. I have always believed that food during Ramadan must be nutritious; must give you the much-needed boost of energy and most importantly, keep you hydrated. Today, I decided to bring you this special food segment during this holy month in association with my favorite water brand Mai Dubai, so that I can get you some of the yummiest and the most nutritious dishes that you can easily cook during this holy month.

I have with me a renowned food author, presenter and a prominent culinary personality who brings with her the varied flavors of the east along with the zing of the west, Dalia Dogmoch Soubra. Watch the video where she is guiding us with two very special soups – Carrot & Ginger Soup and Hummus Soup.

In case you were too engrossed with the video, here are the respective recipes.

Carrot & Ginger Soup

Chopped carrots + Minced Onion + Garlic + Grated Nutmeg + Minced Ginger

(You can add Chicken & vegetable stock…as per your taste and need)

Put some olive oil in a pan, add the minced onions, garlic and the minced ginger followed by adding the carrots. Caramelize the carrots, till they turn brown. Add the nutmeg; add seasoning of salt and pepper & turmeric. Then add sufficient water and let it simmer until the carrots are soft. Be cautious against overcooking the carrots.

Simmer for 10 minutes and then blend the soft-boiled carrots, depending on the consistency that you desire. Season it well with a little bit of olive oil.

Hummus Soup

Minced Onion + Cumin Seed Powder + Chick Peas

Add some olive oil in a pan, sear the minced onion, and follow it up with Cumin Seed powder. Sear it well. Then add the chickpeas and sufficient water. Let it simmer, till the chickpeas soften up.

Post about 10 minutes of simmering, season it with salt and pepper and then mash it using a blender, depending on the consistency that you desire. Season it well with seasoned Olive Oil.

Healthy of course they are, but I must admit that both these soups tasted much, much yummier than what I expected them to. It was, in fact, a pleasant blast of flavors in my mouth. You can, of course, add milk cream to it, although be warned that both the soups are creamy enough even without the use of any dairy product.

These two are definitely amongst the best soups that I have ever had; and considering the fact that women won’t have much time during this holy month, these two soups definitely tick all the right boxes in terms of easy to cook, low on ingredients – high on nutrition, and of course keeps you hydrated. Yes, staying hydrated is of utmost importance and adding further:

a. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, especially water because of the long period of fasting and high temperatures. Water contains no calories and could compensate for the body’s fluids lost due to fasting.

b. Drink lukewarm water instead of cold water as this aids digestion. You can add lemon slices or mint to it to give that added flavor and taste.

So here’s wishing all my readers Ramadan Kareem, and I would really want you to try out these recipes. In fact, I would encourage you to go ahead and experiment with them and don’t forget to write into me with your experiences. What are your Ramadan Special recipes? Please share with my tribe and me.

Love and Health,

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