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Meet the newest addition to my Face Massage line of products – My Face Massager!
The Face Massager contains multi-faceted rollers which behave similar to the deep tissue kneading massage done by professionals at the comfort of your home.

Regular use of my face massager will aide your anti-ageing skincare routine and will also help sculpt your facial muscles. This massager helps rejuvenate the skin and boosts radiance in the skin. It is also excellent for de-puffing the face. This face massager can help lift and tighten the muscles as well.

The V-Shape Design: The Uma Ghosh Facial Massager comes in a carefully constricted V-design which works its charm in lifting and toning the face. It acts also like a slimmer and helps burn subcutaneous fat in the face, causing the face to be slimmer and structured.

360 Double Drainage Rollers: The multi-faceted angular rollers are designed specifically for the kneading the muscles like a pro to get a proper deep tissue massage. The rollers are efficient for draining the lymphatic fluid and helps tighten loose skin and muscles which tends to sag.

Face Reflexology: The pointy end of the Uma Ghosh Face Massager has been designed for face reflexology to help relax the facial muscles and de-stress.

The Smoothening Edge: The lower part of the Face Massager can be used for smoother the lines on around the cheeks, forehead and under the eyes.

Safe to Use:

The Uma Ghosh Face Massager is completely safe to use. It is convenient to use to contour, massage and sculpt the face. It can be used on other muscles as well.



The Face Massager uses the rollers with new kneading technology and an angular V-shape to deeply massage the facial muscles, help drain the lymph nodes, burn the extra fat and instantly de-puff the face. Daily use of this massager will make your skin radiant and your face more toned, lifted and sculpted.

How to Use

  • 1. Move the roller along your jaw from chin to your ear lobes
  • 2. Roll from the corner of your mouth to your ears in upward motions
  • 3. Roll along your nasolabial folds and smile lines
  • 4. Roll between your own eyebrows in upwards motions
  • 5. Roll from your eyebrows towards the temples in outward motions
  • 6. Move the roller from the under eye area to the temples in outward motions

Key Benefits

  • Instant de-puffing effect
  • Relaxed facial muscles
  • Toned and sculpted muscles
  • Aides in removing fine lines
  • Boosts blood circulation


1. How to clean this product?
Ans. After using the face massager, you can wash it with soap or just wipe it with alcohol wipes to disinfect.

2. Can I use this over makeup?
Ans. I would advise against it as it might cause the makeup to go deeper into your pores but if you absolutely have to, don’t forget to clean it properly after use.

3. On which areas can I use this device?
Ans. You can use this device on your face, neck, décolletage, arms and even legs.

4. Should I apply something before use?
Ans. It works best if you have some sort of facial oil underneath for smooth movement. You can also use your skincare products beforehand, it will help them absorb better.


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