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The festive season brings along with it the all so important season of marriages. Look around and somebody or the other that you know is getting hitched. There are smiles all around and there’s love in the air. There are couples brimming with happiness and excitement to step into one of the most beautiful phases of their lives. One of the most important aspects of a marriage is to set up the new house for the newlywed couple. And especially in cities like Dubai, where both the partners are working, we are left with limited number of hours to spend quality time with our respective partners. The only way we can save time from the household chores to spend quality time with the family is by choosing the right home appliance according to the needs of the family.

I had the chance to visit the LG Signature gallery at a wedding fair, and to say that I am impressed, would be a gross understatement. Although I have always been a patron of LG Home Appliances, the LG Signature collection simply takes the home appliance category to a never seen before level. Much like its name, this collection is not just about utility but also about ultra-modern design, finesse, and luxury. Intended especially at the needs and desires of a newly-married couple in mind, the LG Signature range comprises of the state-of-the-art, LG Signature OLED Tv, the futuristic – the LG Signature Air Purifier, the world’s first twin wash – LG Signature Washing Machine, and an uber cool yet high on utility – LG Signature Refrigerator. Each appliance is devised to take your home-appliance experience to the next level, and designed to ooze luxury and opulence. I must admit that each and every one of these appliances signifies the epitome of aesthetic design and the art of craftsmanship. In fact, I personally feel that the LG Signature Collection will transform your kitchen into the most desirable space of your house. Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

LG home appliances have always been my personal preference, and the reasons are not hard to explain. What good is a home appliance, if it adds to your hassles instead to making leisure time? Spending time with each other is of utmost important in the case of newly wed couples in bustling city like Dubai. Undoubtedly, LG has always been at the forefront of the home appliance technology; because they don’t just guarantee high quality and utility, but they ensure quality time for you. With the LG Signature Collection, they have just upped the game, by making ultra-modern technology look like a beautiful painting. Do share your thoughts with me.

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