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Pregnancy and new motherhood is the most wonderful phase in a woman’s life – one that brings with itself an altogether different joy; but it also gives rise to apprehension, worry, disappointment, guilt, frustration and sometimes even fear! Moreover, in such a crucial phase of life, if one does not have family or loved ones in the vicinity, it becomes all the more difficult to sail through.
As I myself recall, I became a mother 16 years ago in Dubai – a city that was a lot different then – with a very little support system, in an environment without family or close friends. It was quite challenging to figure out what was right for my baby and what wasn’t, try every method and then learn from my mistakes. In fact, I went through post natal depression – a condition, which many people are not aware of.

Since I have always taken an interest in featuring segments that could help new mothers, I invited Natasha Bajaj, Founder of UAE’s first designer breastfeeding wear, N&J, who herself is a new mother and has emerged as a strong and healthy mother after seeking help from such support groups for mothers. She spoke to us about the different support groups that help new mothers – wherein other women who have experienced motherhood empathize with you and answer many your queries and most importantly, without judging you! Dubai Marina Mums, The Real Mums of Dubai, Mums and Bumps Dubai constitute the list of such support groups for women which you can easily browse and find online. She told me that the best part about these support groups is that they not only help women but also men with anxiety and many issues they face during this phase. To know more about Natasha’s story of motherhood and how the support group for new mothers acted as an aid to her, check out the video:

Are you a new mother and looking for help from a support group?
Do share your experience with us!

Love and Health,

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