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As an entrepreneur, I am completely aware of the multiple responsibilities that a woman has to fulfill; and that often burns us out. Especially in a global mega city like Dubai where life is always on the move, where gadgets consume more of our time than humans and where sleep is considered a luxury, time exhausts us at a faster rate than we can ever imagine. That’s exactly the time when we need to probably take a step back, take a pause, breathe in deeply, and just try and be aware of ourselves. I must confess it’s not as simple as I might have portrayed it as…but it is not impossible either. Even if it is impossible…aren’t we women always pulling off some or the other impossible feat every day of our lives? That in my opinion is empowerment. I have personally experienced this empowerment and I wanted to extend same to other women in my circle. I was very sure of the fact that I wanted to make a difference. So what if the understanding of women empowerment is misconstrued, so what if I can’t change the way majority of the world thinks, can I at least start with the change I wanted to see? Yes I can…and thus culminated the idea of the The Inner Matrix, which is basically a networking session, sharing of ideas, a platform to inspire and aspire for successful women. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, I organized the Inner Matrix with support of my friend Shamira Mitha, the founder and MD of Verve PR and communication, in association with my favorite newest hotel in town Westin Dubai, Al Habtoor City.

I was happy to see a healthy turnout of the invitees, most of whom were successful entrepreneurs and names to reckon with in their respective fields. Come to think of it, as women, we often engage ourselves in so many roles, and we so immerse ourselves in a plethora of responsibilities, that we often forget our own selves. We often tend to forget that we are important, that we are beautiful, that our definition of happiness might differ from that of the world, yet we have every right to be happy. If we are not happy, if we don’t feel beautiful about ourselves, if we don’t enjoy the successes of our lives, how can we extend the same to our loved ones, our families and our society? How can I give something that I don’t have? Hence my thought that if you want to soar in life, you must F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself). You must connect with yourself, talk to yourself, and feel the inner matrix and bond with the powerful inner guide that lies within all of us.

The Inner Matrix didn’t just give me an opportunity to connect with some very inspiring and successful women, but it also gave me and everyone else a platform to express their experiences and their ways of connecting to something more deeper, something more meaningful. I of course wanted to keep it simple, so my focus was mainly on the small breathing practices and short meditation sessions that can help an individual stay rooted and always look at the larger picture even in chaos. My dear friends,Nadine Chamman and Irina Sharma, spoke on listening to our inner voice and the importance of healing through food and through our eating practices respectively.

But hold on, just before you think that The Inner Matrix is all about discourses and preaching…no its not. It’s actually more about connecting, not just with the inner –self but also with inspirational personalities. A high – tea session was organized where the women mingled and got to know each other better. Of course there were goody bags for everyone, but the best was saved for the last, and that was a Pamper Yourself session by the hotel’s Heavenly Spa. Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City also pampered the women with one night stay, brunch and spa vouchers – Truly grateful to them. Watch the video and see what the Inner Matrix was about….

So, to put things in a nutshell, inspiring personalities, smiling faces, innovative yet simple ways of listening to the inner voice and re-connecting to the inner matrix, connecting with successful women, Hi-tea, goody bags, spa session…aah…can it get any better? Well yes, it can. It can and it will get better, only when all my readers and viewers and all the women put in their small little efforts towards their own empowerment. Because there’s no greater knowledge than self-awareness and there’s no greater power than the inner voice. If you want to be successful, listen to the voice that’s inside of you. Because success has no set parameters, and as Arianna Huffington beautifully quotes – Failure is not the opposite of success…it’s a part of success. So go all out, cherish your failures and script your own success story.

Before I wrap this up, how can I not extend an invitation to all my women viewers to be a part of the Inner Matrix. Just write in to me with your experiences, and you might soon be a part of the Inner Matrix. Till then, keep listening to your inner voice.

Love and Health,


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