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Have you seen the new LG G6? If you have been a reader for a while, then you are probably familiar with all the latest LG products that I have featured here on my blog. Everything from washing machines to air conditioners, you name it, and I have covered it nowhere else but here on the Uma Show!

Today, I am bringing you LG’s latest in something much more compact and versatile than those home appliances, something we use on a daily basis and can’t leave the house without. If you guessed Smartphone, then you guessed right!

In partnership with LG, I will be giving you exclusive access to the features and characteristics of the new LG G6, along with an expert and a specialist in communications who will tell us everything we need to know about this all innovation.

On first glance, you will notice that its two unique characters are the design and the technology. For one, the screen is distinguishably bigger than that of previous phones, with an 18:09 full vision allowing you a much wider vision, while still fitting in your hand. It is now available on the market in three different colors, astroblack, ice platinum and mystic white.

Moving on to the camera, the LG G6 has a wide front selfie with auto-shot so you can easily fit all your friends in a group selfie together – bye bye selfie sticks! This feature is also useful when you are trying to fit a beautiful landscape behind you in your photo because the G6 comes equipped with a 125 wide angle picture. Both the front and back cameras are 13 megapixels, so you can really tell that G6 just took phone photography to a whole different level.

The phone is also water and dust resistant, two key factors which often get in the way when we are trying to use our phones. It is resistant to up to 1.5-meter depth and will last in the water for up to thirty minutes, all the pool time you need.

Additionally, all the lab tests conducted to prove that the G6 has a strong build, surviving a one-meter drop test, and temperatures ranging between -20 and 60*C – perfect for our Dubai heat!

On the technical side of things, the LG G6 is the world’s first and only smartphone to feature Dolby vision and HDR 10 simultaneously, which means watching videos and playing games are two experiences that just got a significant uplift. Moreover, most importantly, the G6 has enough battery to last us the whole day easily – at least 4 to 6 hours more than its competitors.

Watch the video and hear more from the experts themselves.

For all my viewers who are watching the Uma Show on their smartphones, this one is for you! With the LG G6, you will see for yourself how watching TV just got much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Do share with me what features you look for when you are buying a phone for yourself.

Love and Health,

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