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Tips To Overcome A Fitness Plateau

How to break through the fitness plateau?
Are you one of those who’s been consistently working out, eating better and feeling great about your fitness routine, but then suddenly all the magic that was happening – everything that was working for you – suddenly came to a screeching halt? Well, if that’s the case with you, then you’ve hit the dreaded fitness plateau. Anyone in the fitness game long enough will most likely encounter one. It can be frustrating and you are probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes all it takes to get past a workout plateau is to look back at your training and find out where you’ve gone wrong. Don’t worry, it has happened to the best of us. And I totally feel you. We all experience lack of gym motivation – and that’s only because we’ve hit the plateau. So, I’m going to tell you a few things that have helped me get out of my fitness plateau and get back on the top of my game.
Track Your Workouts
Keep a log of each workout you do: your movements, reps, duration, and anything else you can think of. Write it down! Writing it down will give you something to refer back to. This will help you to continue to challenge yourself by knowing what you have done before. So get a notebook and start writing! Be sure to keep track of every workout. Also, keep it in a place where you can refer back often, probably in your gym bag.
Change Your Workouts
When you do the same old workout with the same old weights and rep scheme every time you go to the gym, you aren’t going to get anywhere. In order to achieve your goals, your body needs to be pushed to new limits. Try throwing different movements and rep schemes in your workouts that can help with your goals. Hit your muscles with workouts they have never experienced before. Let each workout be different from the last forcing your body to adapt and change for the better.
Refocus Your Nutrition
If you are someone like me, you tend to go through what I call “nutrition cycles.” If I am have a fitness goal, I try to clean up my diet as best I can and eat accordingly. But after I reach my goal, if I do not have another goal in sight, I tend to start caring less about what I eat. It’s not that I jump off the boat all at once and start eating everything and anything. Usually it’s just a few subtle changes that add up overtime and these changes start affecting my fitness. In order to get past this, you need to refocus your nutrition. Be sure you are getting the nutrients you need to perform at your highest potential. Take some time to regroup, make some goals, and plan your diet accordingly. Analyze what foods you were eating before, add some variety to keep it fresh, and then return to what worked!

Use the Phillip Stein Sport Bracelet

Whether you’re a world champion athlete or a weekend warrior, the Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet can help you achieve your fitness goals and break out from that fitness plateau. I love Phillip Stein’s Horizon Sport Bracelet as it is sleek and waterproof, and is uniquely designed to move with you anywhere you go. These bracelets use a special Natural Frequency Technology to help you reconnect your body with the Earth’s beneficial natural frequencies. When your body is in tune with the vibrations of the Earth, you tend to feel focused and more collected. But artificial frequencies emitted from modern technology like smartphones can cause a disruption between your body and the Earth’s vibrations, making you feel drained and less focused. So each Horizon Sport Bracelet features an embedded metal disc that acts as an antenna to channel the Earth’s frequencies back into the body. I myself love to use these bracelets as I am a major fitness enthusiast and I believe, wearing the Horizon Bracelet enables me to keep my stress levels in check — especially during those high-pressure moments. The Horizon Sport bracelet is sweat and water resistant, and can be used during high activity in the gym or outdoors. It is especially designed to improve your overall performance. So whenever I need more power, improved performance and more focus in my fitness regime, I wear Phillip stein’s horizon sport bracelet and as always, it works wonders. True to its tagline, Its more energy, more of you!

Well, so these were some of the methods to break out of the fitness plateau. Hope you liked my tips. Please use them and let me know what worked for you and what didn’t! If you know some tips to deal with a fitness plateau, please share with me and my tribe in the comments. Like this video and subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting notifications for my recent videos. Stay connected.
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