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Understand your AURA

I absolutely love interacting with you so often through my digital channel and talk about everything that interests me and facts that help us understand ourselves better. Today I will be talking about something that I have been studying for some time now – AURA. Aura represents our physical, emotional as well as spiritual energies.

Aura what is Aura? Aura is about energy In scientific research it’s been found that the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4 to 5 feet in an average health body and appears to be depleted in cases of an unhealthy person.

A few people are gifted to see Auras and this week I am back again at one of my favorite place; Life n’ One to have a better understanding about Auras and Chakras. Let’s see what Sarah Abdelal has in store for us.

What is an Aura? Each and every one of us has their own field of energy, which is called an aura. Everything has an aura or is surrounded by a field of its own energy that can be see if you practice it the right way.

How does it help you? Aura reading is a powerful self-help tool. When you have aura imaging session, it helps you in various ways. As it helps you to understand your being on a whole new different level.

· It helps you to understand your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Learn & understand how they are affecting your life.
· Become more appreciative of your own being.
· Less fear and frustration.
· Improve your communication skills.
· Improved sensitivity towards others
· Understand Your Life’s Purpose and career choices

See your life from a different perspective and be grateful that you have tools and people to help you out in your holistic journey. Even if you are skeptical, these sessions will help you to broaden your horizon to get in touch with your inner peace and help you in your holistic journey.

I so glad Dubai has a place like Life’N One, ; this center can help you revitalize your mind, body and soul. Connect with them if you find yourself disconnected and want to bring the balance back in your life

Tons of Love

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