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Wellness Ball Exercises

I have recently been appointed as a wellness ambassador for Technogym for the Middle East region and I am super excited to be associated with the brand because Technogym, known as ‘the wellness company’ promotes wellness in everything, from product design and medical or scientific invention to social projects and environmental awareness. ‘Healthy people healthy planet’ being their core philosophy, Technogym is a socially responsible company that’s committed to promoting personal wellness and environmental stability. So obviously I am so glad because their philosophy is in sync with what I truly believe in and always speak of. Moreover, since this is week 4 of Dubai Fitness Challenge, I thought why not familiarize my viewers about this fantastic wellness ball from Technogym that I benefit from while sitting in office and which keeps me fit and moving!

So let me first tell you a bit about this awesome wellness ball. This wellness ball active sitting meets the needs of the active urbanite, who is oh so busy with work and mired in routine but wants to seize every opportunity to improve health. It helps with a series of micro-movements that strengthen and stretch your abdominal and lumbar muscles, enhances spine-stabilisation and improves posture.

If you ask me, I am kind of addicted to this wellness ball as I sit on it in my office while I’m working. I sit on it and stretch out whenever I get time and can easily perform all my tasks while sitting and bouncing on this ball. Working out on this ball is sooo muchhh funn…! So let me share this fun routine with you guys and show you a few super cool exercises you can do while sitting on this wellness ball.

Bounce Baby Bounce!/ Bounce!
Bounce up and down on the ball while sitting. Repeat a few times and bingo! This move will keep you active throughout that busy day!

The Flex
Flex your muscles forward and backward while sitting on the ball. Repeat a few times to beat the lethargy that’s keeping you drained all day.

Round and Round
Roll your abdomen while sitting on the ball in circular motion. This will work on your core muscles and is a superfun exercise. Try it out! You can start your day with these movements after sipping your cup of coffee and then get ready for some more…!

Hip exercise
Open up your hip bones by placing one leg forward and one stretching backwards. Stretch your arms up in the air. Now bend on your right side. After you finish stretching, sit back straight on the ball and push your abdomen in and out in repeated motions. You can also move your abdomen in circular motions. Don’t forget to breathe. Repeat the same exercise on the other side.

Sit down like you do in squats but this time you sit on the ball. Enjoy this fun exercise for five minutes and work all the major muscles in your body. After all, squats are always a good option!

Sit cross legged
Sit on the ball and cross both your legs. Move your hands back and forth like you do while running. Turn towards your right while stretching a bit and breathe. Feel your core muscles getting activated. Now turn towards your left and repeat the stretch.

Up and Down
While sitting on the ball, lie down on your back, stretch backward and then gently get up. Now bounce 2-3 times. Repeat this motion a couple of times to keep your core activated.

Which exercise was the most effective? Have you tried technogym products before? If yes,
which one is your favorite? Do write to me. You can also send me videos of how you used the
wellness ball. Connect with me on my page on Facebook, Instagram or theumashowblog.

Stay in touch for more next week!

Love and Health

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