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Breast Cancer one of the most talk about and discuss subject. Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women.
will discuss the symptoms, causes and medication or treatment of breast cancer.
Can there ever be any good news about Cancer? I mean, can we actually use the word Good and Cancer in the same sentence? Let’s give it a try. Following are some of the headlines that I read from various international medical bulletins.

Breast Cancer deaths have dropped in many countries.

Rates of Death to breast cancer have fallen in 39 countries

42% fewer US women are dying of Breast Cancer

Now that is definitely some good news about Cancer, isn’t it? Unfortunately, every time that I try reading up something about Breast Cancer, it often starts on a very alarming note with statistics that can scare the hell out of anyone. Yes, breast cancer is alarming. Yes, breast cancer is a matter of grave concern for today’s women; especially because most women are often shy, and at times even ignorant of the changes in the physiology of their breasts. But not all is as bad, and definitely, there is hope. With every passing day of advancement in medical science and Cancer research, it is quite clear, that breast cancer can be treated and every woman can lead a normal life even after suffering from breast cancer. All one needs to do…is be aware.

It is with this intention that I spoke to Dr. Astha Mishra, Gynecologist from Aster Clinics and Hospital, to understand Breast Cancer and know the methods of its early detection. Do watch the video and hear what Dr. Astha has to say.

One thing is quite clear, early detection of breast cancer is quite tricky. However, a sense of awareness, regular self-examination, and consulting your doctor in case of any doubt, can definitely go a long way in treating Breast Cancer in its early stages. As Dr. Astha pointed out, not all breast cancer patients have to undergo mastectomy, and even in cases of mastectomy, re-construction is always an option. All you got to do is have hope, be positive and never give up. Just like Irina Sharma. Do you remember her gritty and inspirational story of her fight with breast cancer? Just in case you want your dose of motivation for your battle, you must see the story of Irina.

Have you ever realized that CANCER has a CAN in it? And this CAN means YOU CAN. All you got to do is…be alert, understand your body, develop healthy lifestyle, and above all achieve
Emotional higher ground. And everybody CAN fight CANCER. Do write in to me if you have anything you have to share or any important information about Breast Cancer so that we can all benefit from your valuable input.

Love and Health,

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