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The more things you own, the more they own you – goes a famous phrase. This is probably the aptest phrase when I want to discuss a subject like decluttering.

Most of us often visualize clutter as a mess, confusion, and untidiness of the physical space surrounding us. However, clutter is not merely physical stuff. It is old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits as well. In fact, clutter is anything and everything that doesn’t help you better yourself.

Decluttering doesn’t just have a therapeutic effect, but de-cluttering your physical space eventually de-clutters your spirit and mind. I met my friends, Vaastu Consultant – Dr. Padmaja, and Energy Healer – Terry Allen, over a coffee chat to understand the significance and positive effects of de-cluttering. While Dr. Padmaja spoke elaborately on the significance of de-cluttering the physical space, Terry gives some insight on de-cluttering your mind. Watch the video and understand it is significance

Clearly, de-cluttering is one of the most important aspects in both Vaastu and the science of energy healing. It is not just about the science…its more about us. Because a de-cluttered space will always have more positive energy and a de-cluttered mind will always have more positive thoughts. Believe me; I say this from my personal experience. De-cluttering, opening up spaces, letting go of all the unwanted attachments, and even act as small as clearing up our mobile phones of all the unnecessary data, makes us feel lighter.

There is no good time to start de-cluttering because the time to do it is NOW. So, wake up in the morning, take a deep breath, de-clutter your mind, give away everything that’s not necessary; and trust me, we do not need additional space – we only need to lessen stuff. Share your thoughts if you agree with me…

Love and Health,

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