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Workout For Women At Home

Workout for women is now very easy to do at home or anywhere with this super cool workout equipment that call wellness bag.
Don’t have time to exercise? Busy schedules and constant travel plans make it difficult for you to find time for workout? Well, I have a solution for you! Today with week 5 of the Dubai Fitness Challenge I am here with you to share some simple fun exercises that I do with the help of my favourite fitness bag from Technogym that i carry literally everywhere so that I don’t miss my workouts no matter how busy my schedule is. This bag is not only a boon for travellers and workaholics but also for those who hate to go to the gym and want to stay fit! So no more excuses! Because all you have to do is put your resistance band and ankle band from this fitness bag and stardoing these super cool exercises that I have shared in the video. So start sweating my tribe!

Chest fly
Stand straight with both your hands holding the resistance band. Now, extend your arms straight out by the sides. Move both your hands forward at the level of your chest while keeping your hands straight and pull them back again in the initial position. Repeat a few times to feel the stretch. This will help with your chest, shoulders and arms muscles!

Arm Circles
Move your arms forward in a circular motion and complete a couple of rounds. Now move them in the opposite direction a few times. This will also loosen all your chest, back, shoulder and arms muscles, improve your flexibility and help you cut fat on your arms!

Chest Press
Push your arms forward in a slant downward direction and lift them back up like I have done in the video. This exercise helps in working on your upper body and will give you that lean smart look!

Triceps Push
Pull your arms up from your sides together a few times just like you work on your triceps with dumbles, but this time do it with the resistance band. Do this a few times for good looking triceps!

Core Rotation
Pull the resistance band from left to right while bending downwards. Repeat the same motion from right to left. For a strong core, repeat a few times!

Squat and row
Sit like you do in squats with both your arms placed forward while holding the resistance band. Now stand up while pulling the band close to your chest. Repeat this fun exercise… This exercise will help your entire body and all the major muscle groups. So squat up while you have some fun!

Side Leg Lift
With your leg in the ankle resistance, all you have to do is lift one of your legs up towards the side while keeping it straight.Repeat it a few times for those sexy calves!

Back Kick
With your ankle placed in the ankle band, kick backward with one of your legs and repeat! You can take the support of a wall to do this exercise. This will help your thighs, your calves and help you get stronger legs!

Inner Thighs pull
Place your hands on your waist. Now lift your leg and move it inward and then outward on the side while keeping it straight. This will work on all your leg muscles and help you feel active in the legs!

Leg Circuits
Rotate your leg sideways while kicking behind. This is super fun and you can keep doing this while watching TV or reading a newspaper or doing anything you like! Just keep moving that leg!

So it’s a wrap for the videos for Dubai Fitness Challenge 30X30 with this being my last video in the series. But i’ll keep coming back with more fitness videos and fun workouts very soon! Until then, don’t compromise on your exercise while you are travelling or busy at work. Rather think of it as a priority! All you need is this fitness bag to get going!

Don’t forget to connect with me on social media on my page on facebook, instagram, twitter or theumashowblog and let me know about your experiences with the fitness bag and other products from technogym. I would love to see your pictures and your stories with the wellness bag.

Love and Health

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