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Yoga For Eye | How to reduce under eye bags

Hello! My Tribe,
Yoga And exercise are very important and need for our face And our eye. the eye is the very sensitive part of our body so it’s important to take good care of them.
I have a big fan of face yoga, I have been doing it for years and it really helped me so much to look and feel youthful. For the past few months, I have been receiving a lot of queries from my viewers about yoga for under eyes and puffy eyes and so I thought let me do a video for yoga poses for under eye bags. So today, I’m gonna show you some simple yet effective yoga poses that I have been doing for years that have kept me looking youthful and help me get rid of those puffy and droopy eyes. Well I might look funny while doing these, but trust me its part humour and part beauty! So you’re going to love it in the long run!
Benefits of yoga for under eye
If you have tried facial yoga, you might definitely know that in yoga a lot of stretching is involved. And stretching effectively relaxes tensed muscles and tired nerves. These stretching actions promote normal and healthy circulation and distribution of blood, oxygen, and other essential nutrients in and around the eye area. It relieves pressure where fluids have been stuck and have failed to be circulated properly.
When essential nutrients reach nerves and skin cells under your eyes, nerve and skin repair processes are initiated. These essential nutrients act as fuel for cellular regeneration: the capillaries which have been injured capillaries are restored, and the cells that have been damaged are regenerated.

Exercise 1
Start off with gentle taping with the index finger in circular motion. This helps in increasing the circulation in this area. It also helps in transporting fresh oxygen and nutrients and helps in removing toxins. This one is a great face yoga technique that will help you in getting a smooth skin and reduce under eye bags.
Make sure you don’t wrinkle your forehead while performing this exercise.
Exercise 2
Look straight
Open your mouth and form a shape
Move your forehead while looking towards the ceiling
Hold this position for a few seconds
This pose promotes blood circulation on your face and stretches the skin under the eyes.
Exercise 3
Let’s place the middle fingers on the nose
And then put both your index fingers on the outer edge of your eyes
Now look towards the ceiling and half squint them
Hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds and then relax
Benefits of yoga for face
It’s less expensive

Unlike cosmetic surgery and botox, facial yoga costs nothing! All it requires is a couple of minutes once or twice a day. If you compare the time you spend undergoing expensive treatments, or in the store purchasing skin tightening creams that may or may not work, why not give facial yoga a try?

Its natural

Most anti-aging creams contain paraffins, mineral oil, heavy fragrances and other undesirable ingredients. Facial yoga is 100% natural and without any harmful chemicals. So you can get the youthful look without going under the knife.

It may slow down the aging process

The more we smile, squint, or become tense, the more wrinkles we notice on our face through the years. While all this is natural, facial yoga can help slow down this aging process. So if you want to look 20 when you’re 40, facial yoga is your thing!

It releases tension

Well, yes! Facial yoga releases tension too! It’s unbelievable how much stress we carry around in our neck and face. Facial yoga alleviates any tightness that you may carry around your neck and face and helps you get rid of chronic neck pain.

Can help eliminate double chin

Who doesn’t want to get rid of that double chin? Facial yoga not only helps you shed those fats around your face but also helps in toning your face. In many Asian cultures, women swear by the neck exercises to promote youthfulness.
Can boost self-esteem and confidence
Let’s face it – when you look great, you feel great. My experience with facial yoga, so far, has been a major confidence boost. So what are you waiting for? Start this routine today and see some awesome results for yourself!
Have you tried face yoga? What has been your observation? Would love to know from you.

Love and health

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