6 Minutes Standing Abs Workout

Hello! My Tribe,

Thank you for an amazing response to my 6 minutes arm workout. Many of you have tried and felt the burn and the effectiveness, and those feedback for me are so encouraging to keep doing what I absolutely love to do. Creating content and taking them to you all.

As an entrepreneur, wellness personality and a health coach, I am a huge advocate of how small changes can bring about a huge impact, if done consistently.

So here goes another video and this time as requested is for our most troubled area of the body abs.

These are the 6 workouts

1. Standing marches
Hold both your arms upwards.
And then pull your legs up to touch your arms.
Pull your right leg followed by the left one.
Repeat this just for 30 seconds and feel your core burning!

Punch with your right hand towards your left side and then pull back your arm.
Now punch with your left hand towards your right side and pull back again. Make the move more dynamic by speeding it up!
Repeat this motion for 30 seconds. This is a great way to stand and work those abs.

3.Front kicks
Stand in an onguard position and start kicking forward.
Use both your legs one after another and repeat for 30 seconds. Engage your core!
Those awesome abs are not so easy to get but with this exercise you’re gonna blast that fat, guaranteed!

4.March on!
Lift your left leg and your right hand. Then lift your right leg along with your left hand. Do it as if you are marching!
Keep doing this for 30 seconds. Gear up for a strong and fit core!

5.Standing bicycle
Put both your hands behind your head and pull your right leg up to touch your left elbow while twisting slightly.
Now switch to the left leg and right elbow and repeat.
This one is for building endurance in the lower abs!

6.Passe Rotation
Lift your left leg up while opening both your arms diagonally towards your right with the left leg up in the air and right one down.
Now switch the leg and the arms to repeat!
Do this for 30 seconds and you will sculpt your middle into a flat and sexy stomach!

At the end I would like to say, don’t ever emulate anyone, only get inspired to become your best self. Most positive results come from celebrating others and not competing with others.

Hope you liked this blog and the video and will give me feedback once you try these exercises.

Always waiting to hear from you.

Love and health



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