I once read in a research that a baby smiles at least 400 times in a day, however, an adult smiles barely 8 times. Why is that so!! The reason that comes to my mind is that as we grow older, we forget to enjoy those little yet valuable moments of life. Or it could be that the worldly stress takes over and we lose ourselves and our precious smile. Is it really worth it? I say NO. Anything and everything that makes you lose your smile does not deserve to be a part of your life. Thus to help you get your smile back, today I am going to talk about Face Yoga.

We generally do not have forms of exercises from above our neck. Hence our face, that the world sees and reads us through, remains the most neglected part of our body. Face yoga might sound strange to many, but yes there are certain specific yoga exercises, that help you soothe your facial muscles, calm your eyes, rejuvenate and brighten your face up within minutes.

In fact, I have realized that Face Yoga is not just about looking younger; it’s also about ensuring good blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the face. These are just very simple yet effective steps that can be practiced in the morning and evening…for results that the world will be amazed with. These exercises can help you with your puffy eyes, help reduce the fine lines, strengthen the cheek muscles, and also hydrate your skin to make you look younger and brighter by the day.

I have been practicing facial yoga from last 5 years or so and have seen dramatic changes. Usually, it’s a part of my morning routine after my meditation and chanting where I make sure to pack in a few minutes of facial yoga. I remember when I started my TV journey 12 years ago, I used to struggle with under eye bags, puffy face and every time before going in front of the camera I had to put ice and many other things to get rid of them. But after a month of regular facial yoga, I stopped struggling with water retention and puffy face. They vanished almost like magic. After seeing the results, I never stopped doing these exercises and made it my habit. Creating successful habits keep us on track. I would really like you to try these and write to me below in the comment box about changes you see and feel. I love to hear back from you. I love to connect with all on a deeper level.

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