At some point of time or the other, we all have seen a painting. We all have endlessly gazed at a work of art. At times, the plethora of colors has made our imagination run wild and at others, we have lost our mind on a painting. Sometimes, we realize that we immerse our soul and mind in a canvas painted by someone else. Yes, we all have done that. But have you ever walked into the world of a painting? Have you ever walked into a place, where every wall displays the artistic flourish of brushes, where the floor is a giant canvas of an abstract mind, and the roof is nothing short of a sky full of ideas? Where there is madness in every nook and corner, yet there seems to be an affable method to that madness. Welcome to the universe of world renowned artist, Sacha Jafri’s Dubai home, which is nothing short of an art gallery, a world of modern and abstract art and a child’s playhouse – all bundled into one.

If you want to know about Sacha Jafri, you can Google his name, and you will realize that he is one of the biggest and most well acclaimed names in the world of contemporary art and he himself is a pioneer of magical realism in art. In fact, I remember interviewing Sacha about eight years ago. He was then a young man who had just burst into the world of modern art, and who has now evolved into a soul artist. So clearly I was not interested in data that Google could provide. I was more interested in knowing the man behind those colors of conscience, I wanted to understand what goes behind the making of those soulful canvases, and I wanted to indulge in the abstracts that make so much sense. So here I was with an artist, who is inspiring to say the least. Calling him soulful might sound an understatement and defining him as a global artist might not do justice to his art.

By his own confession, the birth of his daughter who is now 2 years old, his meditation practices, and his experiences with children with special needs helped him explore his inner conscience, and his true self as an artist. No wonder then, Sacha today is the most sought after name in the world of art, yet the most humble and grounded personality I have ever come across.

At the age of 27, Sacha became the youngest artist to have a 10 year retrospective of his work across world museums, yet Sacha says that he took a good 20 years to figure out the confusion in his mind and understand what he wanted to do.

The who’s who of the world keeps gazing at Sacha’s work of art. His soulful colors adorn the walls of famous names and dignitaries like Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo Di Caprio, the Royal families of Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Yet Sacha often loses himself in the depth of white canvases and finds his mojo in the blank.

He has won the UN Art & Humanity award next only to Martin Luther King, and yet he finds his inspiration when he paints with children with special needs.

Sacha’s pieces sell for between Dh 900,000 and Dh 2.7 Million, yet he believes that the trend of art as an investment can do more damage than good.

My conversation with Sacha Jafri was on a variety of subjects like his journey, his highpoints, how can art contribute to education that can lead to global citizens, so and on so forth. But all these are just terminologies. He is not just any other artist with a paintbrush and colors; he is a juggernaut with a strong connection with his conscience, deep rooted understanding of today’s modern society, adorned with grace, humility and truthfulness and of course he has all the colors of expression and a soulful canvas.

How I wish, the conversation could have lasted a little longer! How I wish I could keep writing about this poignant artist! But I guess you should experience the magic yourself. Have a look at the clip.

Do write in your thoughts to me. Always looking to hear and learn more from you…

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