Sometimes it takes a small sparkle to ignite a whole movement of kindness. Natasha Rockstrom is one such example. Brought up in London in a family where giving was an innate value, generosity and gratefulness are Natasha’s inherent traits. Coming from a space of gratitude and abundance, giving naturally flows from her. With the core belief that giving makes a difference and that a small act of kindness has ripple effects that can bring about a difference in the world and oneself, Natasha has begun a journey that is both result-oriented and fulfilling. An entrepreneur with a noble vision and a philanthropist at heart, Natasha’s sole aim is to develop profit and non-profit enterprise with humanitarian values at its foundation. Her determination and creative spirit are the two prime factors that help her in demonstrating a strategic leadership in both profit and non-profit worlds. An EMBA in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Bachelor of Economics from McGill University, with an experience of over fifteen years of building businesses across various multi-national and multi-cultural environments, Natasha has started a movement spreading generosity through business. She strives to create awareness among people and spread kindness through the little acts, such as giving a hug, giving free fruits, or smiling at a stranger, or serving a meal to someone and making them feel good about themselves at a restaurant. Previously with Karma Kitchen and now with Rainbow One, she aims to create a confluence of giving and joy that would encourage people to think of giving as a joyful activity and empower them to include it in their daily lives.

I myself believe that giving makes you happy from the inside and I have always found it a pleasure to have people who are engaged in such noble ventures on my show. So I spoke with Natasha Rockstrom, Innovator, Investor and Social Entrepreneur and as we progressed with our discussion, she told me a couple of things that were truly inspiring. When I asked her how she would like to touch more lives, she had a simple answer—with endeavours like Rainbow One. Rainbow One is an educational platform for events and education that Natasha has designed for youth and people who are driven to bring about a change. With the aid of wisdom teachers from across the globe, new techniques, new age science and experiential wisdom, Rainbow One is created with the aim for one to realise their purpose in life and how they need to act to achieve it.  To know more about Natasha Rockstrom and Rainbow One, watch the video….

So, what are you waiting for? Start indulging in the small acts of kindness today, and start now!

What is your idea of spreading kindness in the world? Do write to me!


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