“If you know you are right, you will be a better person.” These words of Diana Hamade kept ringing in my mind, long after my chat with her was over. Honestly, this was my first meet with Diana, Attorney at the International Advocate Legal Services. I had read a lot about her, heard of her as a strong minded, extremely articulate, highly motivated and opinionated individual and a fierce protector of women’s rights.

Diana is just the kind of personality that I was yearning to meet, chat with, speak my heart out, learn and take inspiration from. Believe me, my chat was much more than all that; because I was talking to a self-made woman, who hasn’t just broken the stereotypes of the legal world, but has made an indomitable mark for herself, in an otherwise highly male dominated segment.

Diana hails from a family of renowned lawyers. Strangely though, Diana herself never wanted to be a lawyer. She seemed rather more smitten with the field of media and communications. In fact, she confesses that she went to schools only to abide by what her father had suggested. So then what was the turning point in Diana’s life?

“I have faced incidents wherein judges would ask me what am I doing in a court of law and that I should be home taking care of my children and my family. And that triggered the lawyer in me. That day I became more determined and decided to make my mark.” Clearly not a woman to be bogged down by societal conditions, Diana today is not merely a successful Sharia Law Expert, but a motivational speaker, a woman’s rights activist and the only Arab woman lawyer in the most recognized organization of family lawyers worldwide, the International Advocate Legal Services (IALS). Of course, Diana is very stylish too; and she firmly believes that all our struggles and her quest to make our mark in the male dominated areas shouldn’t diminish the most beautiful feminine aspect of ours.

Well, I can go on and on about my chat with Diana. What started as a discussion on her professional life, extended to her activism for women’s rights, her endeavors, her struggles, her sense of style and much more. The more I am writing about my conversation with her, the more I am realizing that am falling short of words that can do justice to the charismatic and inspiring personality that Diana is. So why don’t you just watch the video and get your dose of motivation.

In my quest for reaching out to and getting inspired from women entrepreneurs from around the world, I often read a lot of books and news articles to quench my desire. The one phrase struck a chord within me is by entrepreneur and award winning broadcast journalist, Michele Ruiz, who had once said…If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. I think Diana has achieved exactly that. Right from times when her presence in the court was questioned, to the present when she is amongst the most sought after names in Dubai. A gutsy and fierce woman, who turned the tables on their head, and yet never lost her identity, that’s Diana Hamadé for you; and that’s the kind of women who don’t just inspire me to push my boundaries, but who make me firmly believe in the fact that it is women who can truly make this world a better place to live in. Do write in and share your thoughts with me…

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