Easy Beauty Resolution You Can Make This New Year 2018

We are breaking into 2018 and I have some awesome resolutions for every aspect of my life! And in that amazing list, I have resolutions for beauty too. While I was writing down my own personal resolutions for beauty, I thought why not create a video that will help you all to make your beauty resolutions too and achieve it in a simple way! So get ready because it’s time to feel fabulous and on top of this world by following these simple beauty resolutions that I am going to tell you about right now!

Have a morning routine
A simple morning routine can do wonders to make you look beautiful.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
Step 1
Wash with an exfoliating cleanser. This will help your skin stay hydrated and bring the glow!

Step 2
Tone up
Apply toner in order to even out the pH balance of your skin. There a multitude of toners available for every skin type and condition. So choose the right one for your skin pH woes.

Step 3
Apply a serum
After toning, apply a serum. This will brighten your skin over time as vitamin C breaks down brown spots and helps with building collagen

Step 4
Protect your skin
Sunscreen is not just for summer. It should be applied consistently every day, and the best way to make this habit stick is to do it every morning without fail. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and don’t step out of the house without using the sunscreen.

Invest in good quality skin products
Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time – Linden Tyler

I have always believed in having few but quality skin care products. Investing in skin care products is investing in how you are going to look in the future! So, invest your time in finding the right product for your skin. Experiment with a few products and see what suits you best. Don’t get influenced by advertisements or don’t use products that your favourite celebrity uses. It is quite possible that what suits them may not suit your skin. So take some time, experiment with your skin and see what really suits you. And rather than splurging all your money on shoes, bags and trendy outfits, invest in the most beautiful dress you wear 24/7—your skin. So buy a good toner, a good serum, moisturizer (could be used for both night and day routine), sunscreen and cleanser. I also use a lot of oils for my face so a good quality face oil can be a great investment.

Become BFF’s with sun protection
This is a wonderful beauty advice worth listening to! Take sun protection measure daily, no matter what time of the year it is, or how late you are for office. Start your day by applying a moisturizer with SPF 30 or more. Remember to reapply the sunscreen at least every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. However sunscreen is not the only thing you need! You should also refrain from exposing your skin to the sun. Especially between 10 am and 2 pm which are the sun’s peak hours. Buy some cool shades or cover up the exposed area in a broad brimmed hat.

Invest in good make up products
Let go of those old bottles of mascaras and foundation and buy some new ones which are of a higher quality. A bad make up kit can spoil your skin, which

Clean your make-up brushes from time to time.
Let’s be honest! We all are very lazy when it comes to cleaning up our make up brushes! Its time consuming and not an easy task! But if you want to avoid those breakouts and bacteria, washing your brushes is the first thing you should remember!

Have an effective hair care regimen
Make 2016 your best hair year ever! First of all, give up heat styling! Regular styling and product overuse tend to lead to buildup and damage of the hair shaft—which manifests as frizz, dryness, dullness, and breakage. Cut shampooing to once or twice a week, because your awesome shampoo is making your hair not so awesome! Shampooing more will make your hair dry and lead to frizziness! Replace some of your color touch-up appointments with in-salon gloss treatments instead. This will prolong and protect your color and minimize the chemical abuse!

Go for regular trims and nix those split ends! Cutting your hair time and again will give your hair more volume and keep it healthy! Nourish your strands with a healthy biotin supplement and omega 3 rich diet. Replace your cotton pillow with a silk one to protect your hair cuticle!

Go natural
Everything you use on your skin, is absorbed by it! So before you use more chemicals beware! You can actually go for some homemade skin care routines and avoid the chemical facials too often! The more natural you go,the younger
you stay!

Drink a lot of water
Water has multiple benefits for skin! It keeps the skin hydrated and young and provides it the essential minerals! Drinking more water also keeps your system clean and a clean stomach plays a major role in maintaining a healthy glow on the skin by keeping that acne at bay!

Have a healthy night routine
I know cleaning make up before you sleep feels like a drag, but all it will take is just five minutes to get it done. So clean your make up, apply a serum or a night cream and you are sorted for your night routine. Just after you do this, hit the sack and have a beauty sleep! But please don’t go to bed with the makeup on! While we sleep, our skin absorbs all the chemicals and eventually causes breakouts and dryness! So let your skin breathe just like you!

Eating healthy
Eating healthy has a huge connection with good skin. A lot of nutrients we consume in our diet help in keeping our skin beautiful, clean and glowing. So choose the foods that can get you a good skin and include them in your diet.
Some foods like aloe vera, avocados and walnuts are wonderful foods to include in your diet for a great skin.

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Sleep on time
Sleeping like a baby is the most important thing if you want to have a good skin. This will keep those dark circles far away and give you a natural glow!

Breaking a sweat isn’t the only way exercise benefits the skin. It also reduces inflammation, helps regulate skin-significant hormones and prevents free-radical damage. Plus it improves mood! And a good mood means a good skin! You can check out my video on facial yoga for facial exercises. In five minutes of facial yoga, a lot can change with your skin! So don’t think too much before making these resolutions and once you make it, decide that you’re going to stick to them, as I always say, be consistent. Feel confident! Feel beautiful! Feel young! Feel free! Because you totally deserve it! So start this wonderful journey and achieve your beauty goals like never before.

But always remember “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”
waiting to hear from you all.

Love and Health



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