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My morning routine
A few weeks back I uploaded a few insta stories on my morning routine and a lot of you posted your comments and wanted to know more about it so I thought why not do a video on the same and tell you everything about my morning routine.

So let me first tell you that I usually hit the sack by 10.30 pm because sleeping early is the key to beauty and good health. And then I generally wake up at 5.30. In fact, you won’t believe but I never set an alarm because I like waking up without the alarm’s noise. The first thing I do when I wake up is have a full glass of water. I always have water on my bed side table. Water keeps the toxins at bay and flushes your system. So having a full glass of water early in the morning empty stomach really does wonders to keep you healthy. Then I use the washroom and then I come to my meditation spot and start with pranayam which is my breathing exercises.
I do three breathing exercises

The first one is kapalbhati
How to do it:
1. Sit comfortably in Sukhasana or the Easy Pose and place your palms on your knees.
2. Direct your focus and awareness to the belly region and inhale deeply. While inhaling pull your stomach in getting your navel as close to the spine as you can.
3. Now exhale by relaxing completely followed by an automatic inhalation. During exhalation, there will be a hissing sound. At that point, feel that all the toxins and negative energies from your body are getting eliminated.
4. Repeat for at least 20 times.

Kapal means forehead and bhati means shining; so kapalbhati means shining forehead. This is the most powerful breathing exercise that not only helps you shed those pounds but also puts your entire system into a perfect balance. Kapalbhati gives you a forehead that shines from the outside and it also strengthens your concentration power and increases your intellect. When you do kapalbhati pranayama, toxins in your body are eliminated through exhalation and detoxifies all the systems of our body. I do this pranayama 120 times everyday, but I started
with 30.

Anuloma Viloma
How to do it:
1. Sit comfortably in easy pose. Now close your eyes and begin taking full deep breaths in and out through the nose.
2. Bring your left hand to a Vishnu mudra; curl the ring, index and middle finger into the palm, and leave the thumb and small finger free. Now press the left nostril with your thumb, and breathe in through the right nostril only to the count of 4.
3. Release your thumb and slowly exhale, by emptying the lungs completely.
4. Now press the right nostril by using your small finger, and inhale on the filling your lungs.
5. Repeat the steps, alternating the breath from the right to the left, making it smooth and effortless.

Aim to do at least eight rounds.

This pranayama is very helpful in respiratory diseases like Asthama. This breathing exercise is the best way to manage tridoshas in the body. When the tridoshas are not balanced in the body, we suffer from diseases. Doshas are nothing but impurities and these are present in all our bodies. All we need to do is balance them so that we dont suffer from different diseases. So the magic trick to balance these tridoshas is simple! Now that I am telling you, do Anulom vilom pranayam regularly just like I do and see how much it really helps.

Bahya pranayam
How to do it:
1. Sit in the easy pose and close your eyes while keeping your spinal cord and head erect.
2. Breathe in deeply (inhale) and then exhale completely.
3. After exhaling hold your breath and try to pull your stomach upward as much as you can. Pull up the muscles in the area below the navel.
4. Now move your head in the downward position in a way that your chin touches your chest. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and assume that all the negativity from your body and soul has been eliminated. Now, relax and get back to starting position.
5. Repeat this process for five to ten times.
6. Important: If you are suffering from neck and back pain, do not move your head down. Just look straight and follow the same process.
Bahya pranayama has multiple health benefits. It helps to prevent constipation, acidity, gastric issues, cures hernia completely. It is amazing for curing reproductive organs. Diabetic patients an totally swear by this pranayam. It also helps in curing urine related problems and impotency! So one exercise and scores of benefits! I like to do little and simple things with multiple benefits and I suggest you do that too!

Aum chanting
Well this is something I do because its got some superb science behind it. You might have heard of quantum physics, which explains that at the micro level of everything, there is just energy. So from the furniture to trees, to metals to us human beings, everything is just energy. And energy has a unique vibrational frequency.  So when we chant aum again and again we create its pure vibrations in the body and become one with the aum. Aum chanting connects us to all that is living from existence to nature to the universe!

Benefits of Aum Chanting
1. It creates positive vibrations in you. You feel happy for no reason
2. It purifies your Aura.
3. It purifies the environment around you.
4. As you practice Aum chanting, you will notice changes in you. You will look younger, happier, energetic calm and peaceful.

Mindfulness Meditation
Then I do some mindfulness meditation.
So let me tell you how to do it first and then I will come to its benefits.
First of all choose a place that feels peaceful and where you can detach from the outside world. Now get comfortable by adjusting the room temperature and wearing comfortable clothes so that nothing can distract you. Now  start with just a 5 to 10 minute meditation. Don’t choose lengthy meditations initially because you might just get bored and leave it midway. Now take the position you are comfortable in. Most people take the lotus position to meditate but that’s not at all necessary! So sit on a chair if you want but be comfortable. Now settle your mind and detach from all the things going on in your life. You may get multiple thoughts, let it happen for a bit as you settle in. Now take some deep breaths and start observing your breath. As you meditate, remind yourself that you have control over what thoughts and emotions you choose to engage in. If the noise disturbs you, ignore it and get back to focus on your breath. Do this for a while and I am sure this will make you feel beautiful just as it does to me!

And then I have a big glass of green juice.
Drinking your greens doses your body with a highly concentrated blast of powerful, instantly absorbable nutrition that can have transformative effects from the inside out…Rich in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, green juices aid in healthy skin. These antioxidants help to rid your skin of acne or sun damage. Plus it has Vitamin A, which is crucial for cell growth and regeneration. In addition, green juices provide adequate hydration. One serving of green juice provides an extremely rich dose of essential nutrients that your body needs every day. Giving your body the nutrition that it needs to convert your food to energy, such as vitamin B12, allows you to shake that sluggish feeling without reaching for caffeinated beverages. There are scores of benefits of green juices. It is no surprise that green juice cleanses help you drop a few pounds. Leafy green juices are excellent sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

After interviewing many people for my show, I know that most successful people have some kind of morning routine, to balance their lives, handle stress better and be more efficient. I hope this will inspire you to start your morning routine too. I would love to know if you have a morning routine already or would like to start one soon.

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