It’s that time of the year when you are probably planning to execute your next family vacation, create timeless memories, and spend some invaluable time with your children. After all, memories made together are the ones that last a lifetime. But even as you thrash out each and every minute detail of your trip, one aspect that always worries a mom – especially a working mother – is packing for her children. This is because it is important to pick and pack the right things that will keep your baby healthy and comfortable during the rigors of travel.

Lyra Monterio, mother of two angels had similar worries for her upcoming family trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Thus, we headed to Babyshop to help Lyra pick & choose the right and the quintessential things for her two children.

Babyshop is almost like a wonderland, where if you can think of something, you can get it. Right from the designer outfits to beachwear, from toys to footwear, Babyshop has practically all the answers to a concerned mother’s worries. No wonder, they go by the tagline – Mom’s Little Secret, a secret that Lyra was more than content to explore for her children.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience of shopping for Lyra’s kids, especially with my son already having a mind of his own; I rarely get to shop for his vacations. Here are a few tips that can be handy for every mother.

1) Making a separate packing list for your children
2) If heading to a beach destination, ensure that you carry safety gears.
3) Instead of sharing, your kids can have their own separate bag of clothes
4) Ensure your kids are around when you are packing their bags. In fact, let them lend a helping hand
5) Do speak to your pediatrician and carry certain required medications in case of any emergency

With these tips, I hope you can make every moment of your vacation count. After all, we travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.

Do you have any tips for summer packing for kids? Please share with me and my viewers.

Always waiting to hear from you.

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