Summer Trends 2016

For me fashion is something you are suppose to have fun with, I truly enjoy observing women who are stylish and exude chic from Tip to Toe. My own style has evolved over the years, although I don’t consider myself super stylish but I try and be well turned out most times. I don’t follow trends blindly but if something catches my attention I do try them, like now I am big into off shoulder tops and dresses. When it comes to fashion I am always learning so I really wanted to have a stylist on my show who can share some of her knowledge with me and you.

So, today I have Kelly Lundberg – celebrity stylist, who has been in the fashion styling business for over a decade now.

Let’s hear from her what’s in for summer 2016?

From off-shoulder to double denim to layering accessories, this is what is your style statement for summer season.

It’s all in the sleeves

This season, experiment with your sleeves, and especially when you have those amazing toning arms exercises who doesn’t want to flaunt their hard work in a perfect off-shoulder or cut-out wrapper. Enjoy some frilly, frisky spirit around your arms to wave that alluring hello or for that matter a crisp cold shoulder top will give you that perfect look for your summer gatherings.

Plunge into 90’s

History tends to repeat itself – and it’s your perfect time to rock those pair of denims which you might have forgotten in your wardrobe or for you all newbies – time to look your best with your favorite 90’s TV show style. Double denim, spaghetti slip on or print on print is making a groove this season.


Keeping up with accessories is a task itself, but Kelly has rounded up the key trends to complete your look. Layers and more layers to give you that extra punch. Mix match your favorite neck pieces to make a statement.

I had fun talking to Kelly, she is so full of life and passionate about fashion, hope you had fun watching the segment.

So what do you think is the trend you would like to follow?

As I said I already have a few off shoulder tops and dresses in my wardrobe, definitely the trend I am following.

I love hear from you so please share your thoughts below in the comment box.

Love yourself.




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