Why You Have Food Cravings

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Do you have cravings all the time? Are you into stress eating and binging? Well, if that’s the case with you, you need to understand that cravings are nothing but important messages from the body that point towards deficits and imbalances! All you need to do is pay attention to these messages to deconstruct those cravings and stop binging!

A few weeks back a lot of you asked me to do a video on decoding cravings, why do we crave certain foods at certaing time? Why do we crave food in general ? and I went back to my study material of IIN ( Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and reaserched a bit and found this so interesting , we crave foods when a lot of times other aspects of our lives are not fullfilled. So I put toggther this blog and video for you all and I am very sure you will find this useful and will help you understand your cravings better.

So these are the eight main causes of cravings-

1. Lack of primary food.
A stressful job, a broken relationship, a bored routine, lack of proper exercise, or feeling disoriented can be some of the causes of emotional eating. We generally look for food when we are hungry, but we fail to realise that in such moments, our hunger is not for food but for something else! So keep yourself full emotionally if you dont want those stress cravings to trouble you!

2. Less water intake
Not drinking enough water can send the signal that your body needs water and probably you are on the verge of dehydration. Sometimes, when you are dehydrated, you might think its hunger, but its not! So whenever you feel hungry, first thing you should do is have a full glass of water.

3. yin yang imbalance.
There are different kinds of foods, some are more expansive(yin) and some are more contractive(yang). To maintain a balance, you need to have a perfect diet which is balanced between these two. When you have too much sugar, you begin to crave meat. And when you have too much plain food, you begin to crave the fried ones. So maintain a balance and the cravings will be gone!

4. Inside coming out.
Many a times, we get cravings for those foods that we’ve recently eaten, or nostalgic foods from our childhood. The smarter way to substitute these foods can be to switch to the healthier versions of these foods.

5. Seasonal cravings
Some cravings are seasonal. You might crave detoxifying foods like leafy greens or citrus foods in spring, while in summers, you might crave foods that cool down your system like ice creams, fruits and smoothies. Seasonal cravings can also occur during festivals, like christmas cookies, and sheerkhurma on eid. While you might love to indulge in these delicious sweets, you can substitute this with a meal and balance your sugar intake on other days!

6. Lack of nutrients
If the body does not have enough nutrients, it begins to produce odd cravings. For instance, inadequate energy leads to caffeine cravings and inadequate minerals lead to salt cravings.

7. Hormonal Cravings
Hormones can play a major role in triggering food cravings. Be it menstruation, menopause or pregnancy, if you are experiencing some wierd cravings and mood swings, its because your estrogen and testosterone levels are fluctuating. The best way to keep your hormones balanced is to have a good exercise routine and keep the mind at rest.

8. ‘Feel good’ cravings!
Sometimes, when we are feeling amazing, we feel like hogging on foods that we love. These cravings are mood based and throw us off the wagon, by creating a series of similar mood cravings for food. This results in a cycle, where your blood sugar goes low, and you tend to eat a lot of extra sweets. So if you feel you’ve entered that zone, satiate your cravings with fruits and use honey instead of sugar.

So the next time you have those cravings, ask your body what do you want and why? Dont just neglect what your body is telling you! Listen to your body and do what it demands. Close your eyes and check in with your self and see what is your body trying to tell you.

And if you figure out, please share with me.

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