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How to juice? Its my secret recipes about anti ageing . my most favorite anti ageing juice recipes that will make you look young and make your skin glow.
I am very passionate about good health and well-being, and I am always on the lookout for ways to keep myself youthful. I have often been confronted with questions about my age, about my diet plans, about what keeps me so energetic and youthful. So I decided to share my little secret of good health, great skin and over all well-being with all of you today. Trust me; it is no secret. It is something that all of us are aware of but may be just too lethargic to implement.

The secret to my youthfulness are Fresh vegetable juices. By youthfulness, I do not just mean great skin and cosmetic anti-ageing effects; I mean high levels of energy, a youthfulness that reflects in your thoughts and in your actions. I actually got hooked on to fresh vegetable juices a few months ago, and believe me; the effects have been wonderful, to say the least. My skin has been glowing; my hair more luscious and most importantly my energy levels have been at an all-time high – all this, by investing just a few minutes in the kitchen. So here we go the recipes four Super juices as I call them.

I) Energizing Juice

Celery Stalks + carrots + Kale leaves + Cucumber + Ginger Chunk

If you are often low on energy and feel lethargic during the day… this is the juice to have. Pumped with the nutrition of the best vegetable on planet – Kale, the digestive properties of ginger, celery stalks take care of blood pressure issues and carrots being great for skin and hair, the energizing juice is just the right potion that keeps me going all day long. In fact, I also carry it along as I go about my hectic schedules, and of course, it tastes yum

II) The Wrinkle Beater

Red Beet + Carrot + Kale + Green Apple + Lime

Ageing is all about oxidation. So if you want to slow down the ageing process, include ingredients that have more anti-oxidants. The wrinkle beater juice is an anti-oxidant bomb. Beet root is amongst the best sources of Vitamin C, and that is an absolute essential for skin rejuvenation and hydration. My skin feels younger and healthier since I have started consuming the wrinkle beater juice, and of course, the sweet and tangy flavor makes this one of my favorite juices.

III) The Immortal Juice

Tomatoes + Carrots + Green Apple + Celery + Kale + Parsley + Garlic

Now, before you get bogged down by that long list, be rest assured that all of those ingredients are easily available in the supermarkets of Dubai. In fact, most of the above veggies are more often than not found in our refrigerators. So another very easy and simple juice to make, yet loaded with vitamins and nutrients that address the complete well-being of the body. Yes, thanks to the garlic, this is also the spiciest of the juices and thus an apt replacement for the evening tea.

IV) The Age Stopper

Coconut Water + Red Apple + Lime + Blueberries

The most refreshing anti-ageing juice for the summer, the age stopper comes loaded with the goodness of coconut water, and apple clubbed with the anti-oxidant properties of the blueberries. If green juices are not your cup of tea, then the age stopper is the perfect and a yummy juice for you.

Watch the video and see my preparations.

I know a lot of you are confused about the benefits of juicing, and personally more than relying on researches, I believe in experimenting with by own body, and I saw the benefits. I feel when we juice, we have the micronutrients from veggies ready for us to consume in one glass. The micronutrients available in one glass of vegetable juice typically come from a volume of vegetables we would not be able to sit down and eat all at once. I also feel these concentrated micronutrients available are incredibly easy for our body to assimilate. Personally, I prefer juicing vegetables than fruits as I feel fruits have way too much sugar that does not work for me. I truly encourage you to experiment, maintain a food diary and see what works or you and what doesn’t.
Have you already experimented with it? I would love to know your experience and may be you could also share your favorite recipe with my tribe and me. 

Love and Health

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