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4 Pillars Of Radiant Skin

Your face says it all!

How you’re feeling, your moods and different states of mind not only show up on your face as expressions but also show up on your skin. Many researchers have proved what we probably already know. Our emotions,our relationships, our mindset impact our skin.

Our skin is remarkable. It is not only the largest organ of our body but also one of the first to form. You may think your skin is only protecting you from the environment around you, but it’s also helping to control your body temperature and helping you maintain water balance in your body.
While it’s true that you are what you eat, everything you’re eating becomes a part of your skin. But it’s also true that you are, what you feel. Your experiences, your feelings also become a part of your skin.

Merrady Wickes, the head of education at the Detox Market, says that our skin is one of the biggest indicators of our state of mind. If you’re and content, your skin will have a healthy glow to it and will appear clearer and smoother. You’ll even have a healthy blush all over your cheeks. But if you’re constantly stressed or anxious, it will start to become a part of your face. Your skin will show signs of inflammation, rosacea and pimples.

So in this video, I speak about the 4 pillars of skin health.
Watch the video and see how you can understand your skin better.

Love and Health



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