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5 Skincare Tips for Winters

Winter is coming. This phrase does make winter look dreadful, doesn’t it? Winter isn’t all bad. It’s full of cozy clothes, warm beverages, holidays but to enjoy winter properly, one needs to be strong and healthy enough to survive the season. Just like all the sensitive and good things, the season of winter is not kind to our skin either. Our hands get dry all the time, there’s dandruff on places we didn’t know could have dandruff, skin gets dehydrated, overall our skin just gets dry, sensitive and patchy.

You can already feel the weather shifting, right? That’s why you need to start preparing your skin for the winter ahead of time so your skin stays strong, healthy and glowing.
Let’s discuss how you can better equip your skin for the winter.

Number 1: Always go for lukewarm water

I, of all people, understand the need to take those long and hot steamy showers in cold winter but I know it’s not worth the damage it can do to my skin. When it comes to showers, always choose lukewarm water to shower with. Those steamy-hot showers can absorb all the moisture and dehydrate your skin which can make it dry and flaky.

Number 2: Create Barriers against water

The skin tends to get really dry when we take a shower, right? Another way to avoid the showers from drying out your skin is to create multiple barriers by layering your skincare products. The top layer of our skin contains Ceramides, lipids and cholesterol help and the hot water can remove the surface lipids, allowing the moisture to leak out of your skin, which can lead to dryness. I recommend applying different layers of products, like moisturizers, skin boosters, and facial mists one after the other, instead of using just one single heavy cream, to fight against further dryness to the skin.

Number 3: Change your cleansers

Now this is something you really need to know. Your cleansers need to be changed as soon as you see the weather becoming colder and drier. Your skin can easily become dehydrated because of central heating, and cleansers which have foam or alcohol strip your skin’s moisturizer.
Instead of cleansing your face every morning, just splash your face with water and use a cremier cleanser at night.

Also, try to get your hands on an oil cleanser. It can clear away all the makeup and debris.

Number 4: SPF, SPF and SPF

Just because it’s winter and you rarely see the sun, doesn’t mean the rays aren’t there anymore. Both UVA and UVB rays are present all year round in every season there is and yes, they’ll still be able to damage your skin. You have to apply sunscreen in any kind of weather to avoid any permanent damage to your beautiful screen. It’s a vital element in every kind or skincare routine.

Number 5: Hydrating and Moisturizing Masks

Our skin gets thirsty and dehydrated in the winter because the humidity levels outside drop, so the water in the air and in your skin layers evaporates quite quickly. This might make it harder for nutrients and your product ingredients to penetrate your skin, making the skin tight, dry, and flakey—which nobody wants.
Always use masks in winter, especially after exfoliation. You will get better penetration and your skin will be super plump and hydrated. Masks with more hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are best. The best thing about these masks? You can’t over-do it.

For sensitive skin, active and natural ingredients can be better, and also works if you’re looking to avoid using too many chemicals on your face. Go for masks that contain plant extracts, such as chamomile and aloe vera.

Other than these tips, it’s important to remember to feel your skin to see what it needs and then blend your products to tailor to the skin’s exact needs. Some feel that even the richest of creams don’t give them the moisture they need, while others say their skin can become oily and prone to spots when they use products that are too heavy. The key is listening to your skin and switching it up according to its needs.
Another important thing is to stay hydrated and nourished from within. And staying active from within.

Winter can be full of happiness, warmth, health and love if you take good care of yourself and show your body the love it absolutely deserves.

Love and Health



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