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6 Daily Habits That Changed My Life

You are what you strive for. I found out that human will is a very strong asset. It can take you to places you never imagined. Our decisions decide who we are going to become and this is one of the most ruthless yet the most comforting line. Ruthless for those who don’t want to get up and write their fate, and comforting for those who are out there, burning the midnight oil to carve their destiny the way they want it to be.
We have to take control of our lives or we’ll be under the control of this life. I learned this when I started experiencing a difference in my life quality after adopting some habits. At first, I had no idea about how would everything change for me and why would integrating some habits into my life would make it better. However, only upon doing it, I got the best answer.
I will highlight the top 6 habits that improved the quality of my life soon after I made them a part of my daily routine.

Waking up and sleeping early
I had a very disturbed sleeping pattern because of the tremendous workload. It became a habit so bad that even when I had nothing to do, I stayed up late. This deprived me of sleep quite often and my mornings were quite inefficient and caffeine dependent. Coffee and tea can be used to boost one’s activity but depending on them is never a good thing. However, I started worrying about my sleep pattern when my daily performance got affected by it.
Initially, as an experiment, I started going to bed early. It took time as I was not used to it. In a few days, I was going to bed early.

Breathing exercises and meditation
Meditation is one of the most brain nourishing activities. Peace of mind is what you need to make wiser decisions and live a happy life. When I started waking up early, meditation was the first thing that I used to do. It blessed me with numerous blessings. Meditation improved my concentration and lowered my stress level throughout the day. I was so surprised and glad to see my stress handling becoming so good and effective. Situations that made me anxious were no more causing any distress and it all goes back to the meditation early in the morning.

A deep breath stimulates the body to release endorphins. They are a natural pain killer and make the person feel good. Endorphins have various health benefits that include healing inflammation, relaxing the mind and body, and improves blood flow.

Writing gratitude journal

The universe blessed me a lot and I couldn’t be less thankful enough for all the things I’ve ever had. Being grateful for the things one has is positive behavior and things start responding more and more when you thank the universe for giving you what you have. Our endless desires are a hurdle in our way of being happy. Being thankful and demonstrating it in your behavior turns the bad back and clears your paths. Keeping a gratitude journal reminds you of where you started and keeps you humble. That’s what I have been doing and it has proved to be a beneficial act for me.

Maintaining a diary about the things to do

Writing things down is a sort of affirmation. When you write down something that needs to be done in a given time frame, subconsciously the brain takes orders and gets to work for making that particular thing happen. This all happens so passively that we don’t get a clue. However, I kept track of my routine and found out that the tasks that I wrote in my diary are well done and in time. On the other hand, unwritten tasks often fall prey to laziness or some other unforeseen circumstance.

Stay hydrated

Health is one of the most important factors for a successful life. One can’t perform well if they are not healthy internally. Going to the gym or working out isn’t what I started with. It was all started with just staying hydrated. Water constitutes around 65% of our body. Our routines don’t involve staying hydrated much and this is where we deprive the body of its major constituent. Then we wonder why do we get tired easily and our brain cant work for more than 6 hours. I started staying hydrated and that became one of the best decisions of my life. It made me feel so whole and healthy.

Eat consciously
Malnutrition is often referred to as having a weak body because of not getting enough food. However, a healthy-looking person can also be malnourished. To prevent being in this situation, a person’s diet should consist of all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. A balanced diet will ensure each and every demand of the body is being fulfilled.
My journey of shifting to a diet that consisted of all the essential vitamins and minerals was an enlightening one. I realized how listening to the demands of the body could produce such good results. Being active, feeling healthy, and a stronger immune system was the reward of eating the right food in the right amount.

What are the habits that changed your life? Share with me below.

Love and Health



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