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Face Massage For Neck Lines And Wrinkles

6 Face Massage Technique to reduce neck lines and wrinkles.


Feeling serene…and positive, thank you Uma! – Alison Jane

Thank you so much for that amazing session di, lots of gratitude from my heart and soul to you for giving us so much of your time and those fantastic yoga techniques. – Suman Ahlawat

It feels great, result is visible even before 21 days!!! This encourages me to be consistent. – Forouzan Masoumian

I slept like a baby yesterday after all the eye yoga and massages, so thankful to you – Veena Siva

I also already feel lifted in every which way! Your sessions are elevating the muscles as well as the senses! – Adarsh Gill Brar

The sessions are beyond AMAZING..We are lucky to be taught by someone as brilliant, experienced & patient as you. – Adarsh Gill Brar

The session today was amazing, later I felt how my face muscles really worked! I have never felt that feeling before. – Sabina Stopello Hoffman

I am absolutely grateful for these sessions. Glad to be a part of this. Thank you very much. – Chioma Obiefule

Glad to be a part of this short but a wonderful journey. Learnt so much about the face muscles and every technique taught was very clear. – Fathima Safana

Uma I want to say a big thank you to you for this wonderful week together. Like many, I’d had some challenges recently, and this week learning from and doing with you and all the ladies really lifted my spirits as well as teaching a new skill. So often as wom-en we put ourselves (or feel we should put ourselves) last in the list. It’s meant so much to be a part of this community where we can nurture ourselves. My new year’s resolution for 2020 was to put as much into myself as so into others. Thanks to you I have started on that journey now. – Alison Jane

I have learned so much and you have been a wonderful, and fun and loving teacher xx – Lucy Ann

Thank you so much Uma for this wonderful sessions! It was indeed a great journey with many beautiful women across the world and those 1 hour was not just for facelift!! It was just much more than that!! Much love ! Going to Miss you!! – Sreelekha Pillai

This evening as I was getting ready for the last session, out of blue I get a enquiry from my SON he says,” Mom, does Uma conduct anymore sessions on anyother subjects , I said why l, why r asking that.. he says, mom I haven’t seen u so excited and in a such good mood in the longest time.. pl keep in touch with her coz I guess u like few people and she tops the list I was pleasantly surprise to hear this. Uma I don’t have to say an-ything more my son has summed up the absolute amazing effect of this course. Can’t thank u enough I fact am trying to figure out what r the other seasons that I can take from u. Pl guide us more in that. Lots n lots of love light .. keep spreading ur positivity u beautiful soul. – Sarieka Vaze

Hi Uma. Namaste. Greetings from Johannesburg South Africa. What can I say. I am smit-ten by you and your lovely personality. I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions though I could not attend it personally. Next time. Learnt a lot and hope we can cross path in the near future. God bless you my friend – Kalpana Kana

Last 7 days was a wonderful experience to live with . I enjoyed every single moment of it. It was very helpful and knowledgeable. Hope you will have many more programs to come like this so that this family could meet over and over to share your knowledge and experience. All the very best to you – Dilrukshi Jayaratne

As you rightly pointed out its worth every penny, thanks a million Uma – Wahida Dastakeer

Thank you so very much Uma, more than anything, will miss seeing your beautiful face . You are really testimony to one of your affirmations -‘everyday i am growing more beautiful’ – have seen your earlier pics too, but you are now at your most gorgeous best! More and more power to you, God bless – Payal Garg

Glad to be a part of this short but a wonderful journey. Learnt so much about the face muscles and every technique taught was very clear. – Fathima Safana

Thank you so much Uma. Trust me, every start of the day.. i look forward to the time of our Yoga session. It has become a routine. Thank you for doing this session and giving us a chance to know our face and muscle and what we can do to it. Will miss your beautiful face. Hope we can keep the session on atleast once a month. Intereacting feels great..and inspired. Lots of love n light to you. And thank you for being beautiful YOU – Paveena Rathour

Loved every session and for having done few trainings I can say after this week I really feel like adding this special time to my morning routine . A big thank you – Karine BM

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