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Being an ardent follower of healthy eating, I must confess that we have made quite a Big Deal out of the word DIET. In fact, we have made the word DIET synonymous with weight loss and other health-related eating practices. What we fail to realize is that it is not about dieting or cutting down on the quantity of food, but is all about Eating Right and Eating Healthy.

Out on my mission to Eat Healthy and consequently hunting for restaurants that serve Healthy yet Delicious meals, I landed up at the famous Café Bateel. Don’t get misguided by the word café, for this place can surely take you by surprise.

I kicked off my lunch with a serving of Couscous Salad with veggies. With the right amount carbohydrates and just those measured number of calories, Couscous salad is amongst my top recommendations, with the plethora of flavors only adding to my belief. While the zucchini and tomatoes were pleasing for my health, flavors of Pepper, Parsley, Edamame were soothing my taste buds. Of course, how can I not mention of the Dates. After all, this is Café Bateel, and it is expected of them to surprise us with Dates…always.

Next on the platter – The Main Course – Sea Bass sautéed in very little olive oil on the bed of mashed beet and seasoned with sesame seeds. One morsel of this and believe me, the myth of – healthy food cannot be tasty – will be broken once and for all. Apart from the fact that white fish being lighter and my preference for lunch, what really got me excited was the use of Sesame seeds for seasoning. Sesame is known as one of the healthiest foods in the world, and I make it a point that I use them every time I cook. Besides being a great source of protein, sesame seeds help in preventing diabetes, lowering cholesterol, they bring relief from arthritis, are great for healthy skin, and I can go on and on. To put things in a nutshell, use sesame in your diet as much as you can.

Last but not the least, how can my meal over without a dose of desserts. Yes, I do eat desserts, I do eat sweets. Because I am not on a diet, I just eat healthy. Accordingly, my choice of dessert for the afternoon – Dates of course, which are synonymous with Café Bateel. Dates are categorized under super fruits, for the benefits of Dates are just unparalleled. High on proteins and Vitamins and also the best source of Iron, Dates must be a quintessential part of our diet. In fact, you can also try the date tasting session at Café Bateel as they have dates in various flavors. The one that I selected was caramel flavored and let me tell you that yummy would be an understatement. Watch the video, and you will know what I mean.

Thanks to my profession, I get to meet so many people, visit so many places; and thanks to my passion for fitness and health, I visit restaurants and hunt for the yummiest healthy foods in town. Café Bateel surely pleased all of my senses on that count. So the next time you want to experiment with healthy food, head to Café Bateel, and don’t forget to write your experience to me.

Love and Health,

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