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Ouch!!! Did that hurt? Maybe not that much! Wouldn’t it be really nice if most of the physical pains could be dealt with a mere Ouch…especially the pain of those big surgeries? Alas! That’s not the case always. In fact one of the biggest apprehensions that all of us have with regards to any surgery is the after-effect, the painful recovery process that one has to go through in the post-surgical phase. But fear no more, because medical science has advanced to a level wherein even the most complicated surgeries can be executed with minimum invasion and in an almost painless manner; and that technology is Laparoscopy.

Imagine undergoing an intensive surgery and walking your way to work in just 3 days from the date of surgery! Or can you imagine an intensive surgery without much blood loss, no/minimal post-surgical pain, and no scarring stitches! That’s laparoscopy. What surprises me is the fact that Laparoscopy has been around for about 50 years now, yet there is a certain lack of awareness associated with the technique of laparoscopy. I had a very informative chat with Dr. Ann Mini Matthew, Gynecologist and Laparoscopy Specialist, Aster Clinic and Hospitals, to understand more about this painless way of surgeries. Undoubtedly, my biggest take away from this chat was the fact that Laparoscopy can be used for practically all gynecological disorders and surgeries and is in fact one of the easiest, safest and the most painless way of surgeries. Watch the video and know all about this medical technique.

Ideally, take good care of yourself and ensure that you never end up in a situation that needs any surgery. But that’s an ideal condition and it’s only human to take ill. Therefore, god forbid, your medical condition requires a surgery, do consider if Laparoscopy could be an option. Because I truly believe, that there is no better pain killer than a laparoscopic surgery. Then again, that’s just me saying it and I have never undergone a laparoscopic procedure. So in case you have, why don’t you share your experience for my viewers? After all, your positive experience will only help loads of my viewers make a better and hopefully, a painless choice.

Love and Health,

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