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I have always said this time and again – listen to your body when it is whispering to you, or else very soon you will hear your body screaming. That is one of the many ways in which I try to propagate good health. After all, health is the only real wealth.

Talking of good health and a whispering body, the subject that I have chosen today is Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. Although it is true that both men and women can suffer from UTI, but what is concerning is the fact that women are four times more susceptible to urinary tract infections. No wonder then that UTI in women is responsible for nearly 10 million doctor visits every year. I spoke to Dr. Mahavir S. Deshmane, Specialist in Urology, Aster Hospital, who highlighted the causes and the precautions for UTI.

Any infection of the kidney, bladder, ureter or the urethra is known as UTI. However, the point to be noted is the fact that 80-90% of the infections start with the bladder. So, if you have symptoms like burning sensation while urination, lower abdominal pain, back pain, blood in urine or fever, you should not ignore it and must see a urologist without losing any further time. In some severe cases, UTI can also lead to infection in the kidneys…moreover, that can be very concerning.

The only relieving factor in UTIs are the precautions. In fact, a few simple hygiene steps can go a long way in avoiding the pain

1. Drink adequate water
2. Don’t hold your urine for long periods of time
3. Empty your bladder before going to sleep
4. Ensure personal hygiene
5. Last but not the least, eat healthy

The video here offers valuable insight into this in Dr. Mahavir’s words.

With those simple steps, you can definitely win the race against UTI, because being a bit more careful and a bit more precautious is the first step towards your well-being. I have suffered from UTI in the past, have you? How did you cope? Do share your thoughts with me.

Love and Health,

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