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The one time that I fall short of words is when I want to talk about pregnancy. For every emotion that I want to express…it always seems to be falling short of the right expression. Its joyous, it’s lively, it’s powerful, it’s bold, it’s the purest form of love, and the highest form of being… it’s much more than what simple words can ever express. The beauty of being pregnant is the fact that a woman is at her strongest, yet at her most vulnerable self during the course of pregnancy. I remember how cautious I was during my pregnancy days. My efforts helped me keep my calm, but at the same time, the well-being of my baby was the paramount concern for me in those days.

Talking of well-being during pregnancy, quite a few women often suffer from cardiovascular disorders during pregnancy, and that can be quite concerning. Because then it’s is not just about one heart, it is about two hearts; and to keep both those hearts beating together, in tandem and in good health, it is extremely important to take utmost care of the mother. Considering the fact that a woman who is pregnant needs to extremely conservative during her fitness regime too as that can make the case all the more critical. So what better way but to take advice from a cardiologist who specializes in such cases? I spoke to Dr. Arun Cheriyan, Cardiologist from Aster Clinics and Hospitals and tried understanding the ways to deal with heart diseases during pregnancy.

The three basic points of my chat with Dr. Cheriyan are these –
1) Take care of your nutrition. Don’t bother about calories, rather be more concerned about the quality
2) Reduce your stress level. Practice Meditation
3) And last but not the least, exercise and Be Active.

To have a life harboring inside you is nothing short of a miracle. After all it leads to the birth of a child as also of a mother. So take good care of yourself and be absolutely fit and fine to embrace the biggest role of your life.

Last but not the least, it would really help a lot of my readers if we could all share our experiences and try and calm the restless minds of the pregnant mothers. So, come on and pour in your beautiful journey – as sharing is caring.

Love and Health,

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